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ceo warrior Testimonials


" Joining CEO Warrior challenged me and dared me to be great. "

Our business was like a constant roller coaster, flipping from double digit profits to double digit losses. We were the #1 rated electrical contractor in the entire state, but our growth remained stagnant. We tried for over a decade to develop our own SOP and even hired consultants and coaches. Still, we only made marginal gains.

I went to my first CEO Warrior event expecting to hold them accountable to their Million Dollar Guarantee. After only one day of training, I felt that I had gained more knowledge about the trades industry than I had in 20 years. I dared to get excited, dropped my guard, and became committed to learning everything that I possibly could as fast as I possibly could.

Becoming a Warrior has increased our business and impacted the lives of our entire tribe. Our sales revenue has grown more than 4x, making it possible for us to enjoy things we never imagined. Together, we are building an empire that will provide generational wealth for many families. The race has just begun. Now it’s game on!

David Eastman

 E I Electrical Inc. 

Member since 2022