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‘It Felt Great To Be There:’ What F&J’s 24-Hour Garage Door Service Learned from CEO Warrior

Fernando Martinez and Jessica Sanchez own F&J’s 24-Hour Garage Door Service in Phoenix, AZ. The pair have successfully managed several locations across the Valley of the Sun and received hundreds of five-star reviews from their satisfied customers — but in 2023, they noticed some potential for improvement. Fernando says that even though business was doing well, the couple felt like something was missing. 

“I think there were some things that needed to be implemented,” says Fernando. “We started to wonder if we were doing some things wrong, or if there were some aspects of the businesses that we needed to put into play.”

The enlightenment

Jessica came across CEO Warrior’s business training membership online, and she was immediately intrigued. She introduced the idea to Fernando, who was hesitant at first. “I was like, wow… New Jersey? That’s pretty far from Phoenix,” says Fernando. “But Jessica said well, let’s make a trip out of it. We’ll see what happens from there.” 

The couple says that their first visit with CEO Warrior was unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. “I walked in and I saw how hyped everyone was,” says Fernando. “I figured they were going to be chill, but there was so much energy in that room. And the people were great.” 

Jessica echoes her partner’s sentiments. “It felt great to be there and meet the other business owners,” she says

Lessons learned

Fernando says he’s gained invaluable insights since joining CEO Warrior member, and that his membership has changed F&J’s 24-Hour Garage Door Service for the better. Encouraged by his own experience, Fernando now advocates for fellow service business owners to engage with CEO Warrior’s unrivaled resources. 

“I definitely think attending CEO Warrior’s night school is a great way to get your feet wet,” says Fernando. “And if you have the opportunity to travel to any CEO Warrior events, you absolutely should.”

Fernando Martinez and Jessica Sanchez of F&J’s 24-Hour Garage Door Service

Fernando Martinez & Jessica Sanchez

F&J's 24-Hour Garage Door Service


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