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‘We Grew Incredibly Fast:’ How CEO Warrior Transformed Gabe’s Electrical Services

In 2023, Gabe Goncalvez found himself stuck in a cycle of frustration and stagnation. Despite his hard work, he felt like he was constantly heading in the wrong direction and struggling to grow his business, Gabe’s Electrical Service. He faced challenges in scheduling and customer service, and lacked the necessary direction to scale his business. 

“No matter how much harder I worked, I couldn’t get any further,” says Gabe. “I was plateauing. I knew something was wrong, but it was hard for me to admit.” 

Gabe had a realization after an injury prompted him to recognize his limitations. He acknowledged that he couldn’t run his business alone and that he needed some extra help achieving his goals. Recognizing the importance of coaching and learning from successful businesses, Gabe’s quest for guidance led him to CEO Warrior. 

Reflecting on his initial impressions, Gabe expressed how CEO Warrior’s expertise and industry-focused approach resonated with his needs: “I started looking at what other successful companies were doing, and I realized that I need coaching,” he says. “I need people that know what they’re doing. I need that person in my corner in order to take risks.” 

Gabe says that what set CEO Warrior apart was their team’s firsthand experience running service businesses. He appreciated that every Master Advisor had already navigated the challenges he faced, enabling them to provide tailored guidance. Gabe’s friend’s endorsement further fueled his decision. 

“He’s like, hey, you’ve got to check out CEO Warrior,” recalls  Gabe. “ They really bring in the heat. They bring the energy. They’re really good. They know our industry. They can help you level up.”

The implementation

CEO Warrior’s structured approach, anchored by dedicated Master Advisors and comprehensive training, became the cornerstone of Gabe’s transformation journey. He found solace in the high-touch support, weekly training sessions, and 1:1 guidance provided by his Master Advisor. Through these interactions, Gabe gained clarity on essential business aspects, from scheduling and customer communication to operational processes. He highlighted the significance of having direction and support, stating, “My biggest hang-up was that I didn’t have direction. I knew where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be, but I just didn’t know how to get there.”

One of the pivotal moments for Gabe was realizing the caliber of CEO Warrior’s community—established businesses with remarkable success stories. Surrounding himself with industry leaders who had achieved substantial growth fueled Gabe’s determination to elevate his own business. He marveled at the opportunity to engage with entrepreneurs who had built multimillion-dollar enterprises. 

“I’m like, wait a minute,” says Gabe. “You have a $10 million business? How do you have a $30 million HVC company? Hold on a second. You guys have these amazing, successful companies. Those are the people that are around me? This is where I need to be.”

The results

CEO Warrior’s emphasis on building robust systems and processes proved instrumental in sustaining Gabe’s accelerated growth. He attributed this success to CEO Warriors’s provision of resources, knowledge, and feedback essential for maintaining growth momentum. 

“I’ve never experienced acceleration like that,” he says. “And when I did accelerate in the past, we would retract. We would grow, grow, grow, grow, and then it would just collapse in itself because we didn’t have the building blocks or the systems in process to sustain our growth. But this time, it held. And we grew extraordinarily fast.” 

Accessibility and responsiveness were integral to Gabe’s experience with CEO Warrior. Whether through email, text, or regular Zoom sessions, CEO Warrior made sure that support and learning opportunities were readily available. Gabe especially appreciates CEO Warrior’s proactive approach. “The support and communication are incredible,” he says. “If I need something, the team is just an email away or a text away.”

Lessons learned

Gabe’s journey with CEO Warrior’s has been transformative, propelling his electrical service business to new heights of success. With a clear roadmap, industry-specific guidance, and a supportive community, he now sees a future where his business encompasses diverse services under one roof. 

“I can’t imagine where we’re going to be a year from now,” says Gabe. “I’ve always had a dream of having everything all in-house: the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical. I didn’t know how to do that. And they’re like, we can help you. You’re going to do that. And I’m like, yes, we are going to do it.” 

Gabe’s testimonial underscores the profound impact of CEO Warrior’s tailored approach in empowering service business owners to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth. By leveraging industry expertise, structured support, and a vibrant community, CEO Warrior has not only enabled Gabe’s business to flourish but also ignited a newfound sense of purpose and direction. 

As Gabe looks forward to realizing his vision for a comprehensive service business, CEO Warrior stands as a beacon of transformation, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs towards their goals with confidence and clarity.

Gabe Goncalvez of Gabe's Electrical Service

Gabe Goncalvez

Gabe's Electrical Service


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