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10 Plumber Marketing Tips for 2024

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Marketing a plumbing business is hard work. Budgeting, strategizing, testing, and reinvesting in what works can feel like a full-time job. It requires you to grow your mindset from that of a plumber to that of a leader and marketer. Yes—it’s on you to figure out how to do plumber marketing. The good news is you’re not on your own. We have tons of advice for plumbers on how to drive growth with marketing. Here are 10 ideas for you to try.

Develop Your “X” Factor

Before you can write a single word about your plumbing business, you need to know what sets you apart from your competitors. That’s your X factor. Here’s an example: Every toilet bowl you install carries a lifetime warranty. It could also be the type of service you offer or the specific products you use. An X factor is not having nice trucks, nice uniforms, or offering the same add-ons as everyone else. To be an effective piece of your plumber marketing strategy, your X factor has to be something your competition simply can’t do as well as you.

Create a Mobile and SEO-Friendly Website

Once you know your X factor, you’re ready to build your plumbing website. This is your storefront. It’s where you show customers that you’re better than everybody else at what you do. But it isn’t only the words you use on your website that matter. Use search engine optimization (SEO), which involves creating the right content and structuring your site a certain way so that customers can find you in an online search. And make sure your site is designed so customers have a great experience, including on mobile.

Develop a Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is one of the most important parts of plumber marketing. Your website should use what’s known as geo-specific keywords, which are phrases that contain your city name and the service you provide, for example, “plumber in Phoenix.” You should also create a free Google My Business (GMB) profile so that your business name, location, and information show up in local search results and on Google Maps.

Incentivize Reviews

The best proof is the proof that comes from the people you do great work for. And it’s those reviews and testimonials that potential customers will want to see when they visit your website. You can incentivize good reviews by offering customers a discount or other reward for writing one. If you’re doing a good job, most of them will be more than happy to say a good word or two about your plumbing services, especially with an incentive.

Define Your Marketing Goals

There are three things plumber marketing has to do:

  1. Promote You as the Go-To Brand. Tell customers why you’re the only plumber in town who can solve their problems.
  2. Promote Your Brand to the Right People. Figure out your customer persona and focus your efforts on getting your message in front of those people.
  3. Get People to Take Action. Get people to see what you offer and call immediately.

Look at your records and figure out what worked and what didn’t in the past. Any marketing strategy that’s not achieving all of these has to go. It’s really that simple.

Build a Content Strategy

A blog where you share exclusive content is key to plumber marketing. Why? Small businesses that have blogs on their websites achieve 126% more growth in leads than businesses that don’t. But remember, your content needs to answer the questions customers are asking. You can look at your competitors’ content, talk to your sales team and field reps, and use free tools like Keyword Planner to determine what those questions are. Then act like the expert you are and give them the answers.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Your content marketing strategy isn’t just for your website. The content you post on social media, like your Facebook Business page, is crucial. It’s easy to share and it can build you up as an authority. You also need to engage with people. If a follower asks a question, make sure you give a quick answer. Then, encourage them to share the information. Join industry-related social media groups and post useful content, answer questions, and share your expertise to build your brand.

Use Visual and Audio Content

Here’s another stat: Content that includes visuals achieve 650% better engagement than content that doesn’t. There are all sorts of ways you can implement visuals into your plumber marketing, from branded images of your workplace on your website to infographics that tell a story. You can also use video marketing. For example, post videos to YouTube that show your people doing a great job, or have your clients provide video testimonials. When it comes to plumbing services, sometimes seeing is believing.

Nurture Customers with Email Marketing

If you’re not already collecting customer emails to use for your plumber marketing, it’s time to start. You can also contact past customers and give them an incentive to provide you with their email address. From there, create an email marketing strategy to help you stay top of mind. Promote discounts, upsell additional services, send maintenance reminders, and offer helpful articles to position yourself as an expert. When they need a plumber, you’ll be at the top of the list.

Send Direct Mail

Digital marketing strategies are important, but direct mail can also be effective, especially for local services like plumbing companies. Sending flyers, postcards, or coupons is typically an affordable way to connect with your community. You can also invest a bit more and send branded magnets, stickers, or notepads. Customers are more likely to keep these and see your name later. No matter what you send, don’t forget to give it a modern twist: include a QR code customers can scan with their smartphone to get to your website.

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Plumber Marketing FAQ

How Can I Market My Business as a Plumber?

Plumbing businesses can use many marketing strategies. The easiest and most affordable tactic is to create an optimized website and a Google My Business profile. You’ll also want to be active on social media, including posting videos to YouTube. As you ramp up your plumbing marketing, incorporate strategies like email marketing and direct mail campaigns.

How Can I Drive Growth in My Plumbing Business?

The best way to drive growth in any plumbing business is to provide great service that wows your customers. You’ll earn customer loyalty, plus rave reviews and referrals that bring in new business. You should also build a content strategy and invest in plumber marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), email, direct mail, and ads.

How Much Should Plumbers Spend on Marketing?

Plumber marketing budgets are often calculated based on your sales. Most plumbers need to spend 10% to 15% of sales on marketing if growth is a priority. If your only concern is to maintain your current size, a 5% marketing budget can work.

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