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ceo warrior Testimonials


" Being a Warrior has impacted me financially beyond my wildest dreams. "

I felt like I was stuck before joining CEO Warrior. I faced a lot of challenges trying to grow my revenue. I lacked the confidence and leadership skills needed to advance my company and my technicians lacked structure.

After becoming a Warrior, my company became more process driven. The biggest lesson I learned is to always be growing and changing in order to become the best version of myself for my team and my family. Doing so has allowed my to add more trades to my business and grow my revenue more than 8x.

My life has completely changed for the better. I have met amazing people and created life long relationships. I am now able to say that I have made a lasting impact in my family for future generations to come.

Gary Lightfoot

 Lightfoot Mechanical, Inc. 

Member since 2015