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CHAD LOVE: Chad Love Services

I became a Warrior in 2016. I had a successful, small company with big dreams and no idea how to attain the customers needed to fuel the machine. The culture was good but that was easy since it was just a couple of employees. I knew that I needed help with the operations side of my business. After attending my first Warrior Event I knew that joining was a financial investment that I needed to make. Mike stated to me that he was personally vested in my success and if I put the work in he would guarantee my success. I took a leap of faith and never looked back.

I can only describe our success as AMAZING. We have become an icon in our community and our team is awesome. We have grown to 12 employees and look to add more within the next several months. Our vision is strong and our culture is stronger. We have set revenue records for 5 consecutive months and our brand is one of the most recognizable in our market. We are on our way to building an EMPIRE! “If you need the tools and are willing to put in the hard work than CEO Warrior is a no brainer.”


GLENN DICKEY: Marshall Services

Before I became a Warrior, I had just completed the purchase of my business. I had attended different courses and had different mentors but I felt like I was limited and gained the most I could from them. My business was growing but not at the rate I wanted. When I joined CEO Warrior in 2015, I was able to see what a thriving culture looked like. I began to model myself after Mike and Rob and that lifted everything up for our company. I became a better leader and improved culture tremendously. The relationship with my wife, the #1 person in my life is awesome. Since becoming a Warrior my revenue has increased from $1.89 million to $3.3 million. I enjoy the mindset shift that I have had since joining. This has lifted up all the areas of my life. I enjoy having similar “growth minded” business owners to closely share with and receive input from. I enjoy having mentors who I can count on for great advice. This year we have had the biggest month on record and have been on pace for +30%.

Warrior is more a way of life and a journey. We all join thinking we know what we need and then we find out that it was something different. If you are going to commit to do what it takes, becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable than this is the group for you. I have been a member for over 4 years and I have seen personal growth, professional growth and I have not stopped learning. Mike and Rob actually achieved what most of us are striving for. They weren’t part of the success, they engineered it.



I came to my first CEO Warrior Event in 2014. I was searching for a group of business owners that were like minded and able to pour into my life and I would be able to do the same for them. At the time, my business was all over the place. I didn’t know where we were going or what it would take to get there. I had 20 employees, 14 trucks and we were doing $3 million but we did not have a strong culture it was just work, work, work.

Over the last 5 years, CEO Warrior has become my family. I enjoy the brotherhood and the constant challenge to become a better version of myself each day. If they smell bullshit they will call it out right away. My company culture is 100% better and it rings through the entire company. I have a plan to get where we want to go and have the ability to gain knowledge from business owners that have already been there and be the light for others who are on their path. We now have over 45 employees and 25 trucks and are on pace to do $8 million. We have added one day baths and whole house generators. We have a place where we fit in. If you are looking for the right fire to be in that will constantly produce the best version of you, CEO Warrior is the place.


ROBIN BURRILL: Signature Home Services

In 2017, after having battled major health issues in our family we were ready to GROW. Everything had been put on hold for 3 years while we just tried to survive. We needed someone to help us do that. I started attending conferences at that is when I first heard Mike Agugliaro speak. I came back and told Rob, my husband, that I wanted to go to this conference that he was having to get us jumpstarted and take our business to the next level. We lacked focus, direction and enthusiasm. We needed CEO Warrior to help guide us.

Since becoming members we have never been so excited about our business. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done. The feeling of belonging to a group of business owners that genuinely care about you and want to help you is AMAZING! Having the CEO Warrior Team there to guide you, encourage you and to help you every step of the way is PRICELESS! And also the challenge! The push to be more than you ever thought that you could be. To do what you never thought that you could do. LOVE IT! As Warriors we are Powerful, Unbeatable, Unstoppable and Energized. We have changed as business owners. I have as a woman in business. I’ve found strength that I never knew I had. I have grown in knowledge and the belief that I have in myself. I believe there isn’t anything that we cannot accomplish. I am excited for our business, our clients, everyone that we serve and most importantly, OUR FAMILY. I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t made the decision to come to a CEO Warrior Event.

In the past year, we have rebranded our company, had a 50% revenue increase and expanded our team. The CEO Warrior Team is there for us when we need them. They are part of our success and will do anything to help us succeed. To be able to pick up the phone and ask questions, to be there for others, just to have someone to share with…AMAZING!


JEFF STREET: Boss Services

We had slow and steady growth over the previous two years. We were only focused on growing our company as an HVAC business. A $5 million a year sales figure was something that was at least 5 years away. We did not have a clear direction on what we needed to do to get next level. We did not have any systems and processes to scale our company and a horrible culture of lazy, complaining finger pointers.

From the first day of Service Business Edge we realized that we needed to be a part of the CEO Warrior Movement. Business is now booming. Our culture has changed dramatically. We have gone from being an HVAC company to heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and house cleaning…and we are still adding trades. In one year we have gone from $1 million and 7 employees to $2 million in revenue and 16 employees.

As a member you have the ability to come back to SBE Events and that is amazing. I have attended 3 of them already and each time I learn something new. They constantly over deliver and it continues to impress me. CEO Warrior has not only changed my business, but it has changed my life.


MARK DOLL: Professional Heating and Cooling

My business was doing okay but I was not confident. I was not a good leader. We were getting things done but we lacked direction and it was becoming very stressful. I was a member of several organizations in the past and had a one on one business coach. I felt that the coach helped me, but I outgrew him and was no longer getting the value. I had been following Mike and CEO Warrior on social media and mailings that I was receiving and was very intrigued. That is when I decided to come to SBE.

Since becoming a Warrior I have a better management system, better personal life and I have hired a good team of people. I am no longer wasting money on inferior marketing. I have confidence knowing that the other Warriors and CEO Warrior Team has my back. If I am unable to figure something out I know there is someone that I can call to help. There are coaching calls twice a week and one on one coaching calls with the Master Advisors when needed.

I am now a confident leader with a vision. All my employees know this and believe in me. We have gone from $700,000 to over $1 million in less than one year and we have more employees on the team. We had a record year and will continue to build the business into an Empire.



I became a Warrior in 2015. My business was growing but not in an intentional way. We were a culture by default not by design which led us down some painful roads. Along the way we experienced slow growth, poor culture and lacked a solid plan.

Within 90 days of becoming a Warrior, the no bullshit approach pushed me outside my comfort zone which is exactly what I needed. The continuous learning and having access to Mike, Rob and the Master Advisors has changed the game for me. We now have a great culture that is thriving as we are building leaders while improving our clients and employees lives daily. We went from $500,000 in revenue and 5 employees to a company that is generating multi million dollars in sales with 38 employees. We will be moving into our new 12,000 square foot building and are currently the highest rated facility in our market.


DAN WILSON: Wilson Services

We are a family owned full service septic company which was founded by my father in 1955. We have experienced some years up and some years down but not any significant growth. We have a dedicated team although we have a culture created by default without any clear definition. There was a strained relationship between the crews and office staff.

I attended Service Business Edge in July 2018 with my new business partner and son Eric. When I walked through the door I was a defeated business owner trying to keep it together so that I could pass the business on to my son. After day one I was exhausted and not sure that I would make it another day. I returned for day 2 and never looked back as the value that we were receiving was priceless. The one thing that really pushed the needle was the straight talking and “in your face” honesty from Mike, Rob and the Master Advisors.

Things changed for us immediately! I am learning so much from being in a group of business men and women with all different size businesses and experience levels. We all have the same mission and vision to improve the loves and futures of our families and team members while serving our customers and community. If you want to be a leader you need to surround yourself with leaders. If you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with successful people. At CEO Warrior you can get a straight, honest answer without any condemnation or criticism. Having 24/7 access when I need it, to the best coaches in the cannot put a price on that service. And I really like the cape and helmet they let me wear!

In less than one year, we have become a company that is moving forward with a defined directive and a clear defined path to become market dominators. I have seen the improvement in company culture with defined non-negotiables and clearly stated core values. I am revived and refreshed like I never thought possible. My son has grown in his leadership abilities and we now have a better understanding of our numbers then we have had in the past 63 years.


RA CAPOZZI: Capozzi Design Group

Before becoming a Warrior in 2018, my business was DYING. I knew our company was dying a slow and painful death if we did not make massive changes we would out of business. We did not want to go on this way and felt paralyzed from now knowing what to do or how to do it. We were living in chaos and complete frustration as we did not know how to market to attract new businesses, understand our numbers, hiring and forecasting. We did not have a culture except defeatism and owners being held hostage by employees threatening to quit. It was GROW or DIE!

We came to Service Business Edge and met a community of like-minded, strong people. Warrior is a lifestyle and as a Warrior I have learned the importance of serving at the highest level. It is an awesome exhilarating feeling to know we can improve the lives of so many. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing movement.

We are finally back on track. We are putting processes in place. Business is becoming more professional everyday and we are no longer a “mom and pop” business. We have a will to succeed like never before and a major mind shift, unlike anything. We now have a roadmap that we are working on to real success. I KNOW THAT I CAN DO THIS! We now view our business as a wealth building instead of a survival vehicle. CEO Warrior is the best thing that I have ever done for myself. It has changed my life and my family’s life. BOOM!


JOHN DAVIS: Davis Heating & Air LLC/Davis Plumbing

My brother Ron from Davis Plumbing attended Service Business Edge in 2018. He returned to work so motivated and told me that I needed to go. In the past we had talked about combining the businesses but never realized the potential. After I attended a CEO Warrior Event, we decided that it was time to go for it. Before CEO Warrior I thought that I had freedom, but I really didn’t. I was afraid to grow due to the fact that I didn’t know how to do it without any resources. I believed that I did a great job but my prices did not reflect that and I was not motivating my team. I had trouble finding good guys and I was just taking jobs in order to make payroll.

As a Warrior, I have access to the resources that I need. If I have a question I now have a Team of people that I can ask and if I don’t grow I now understand that it is my fault. My team has become motivated and now see that if they work hard and we stay on course we are going to kill it. My communication with my team is better. My communication with my wife is better.
If you want to GROW and you don’t know how to do it, YOU HAVE TO JOIN CEO WARRIOR!


CRAIG MARKLEIN: Marklein Plumbing Inc.

I have spent years trying to find someone to help me learn how to manage my business. I constantly through money at the next big thing that I thought was going to finally make a difference in my business only to receive the same mediocre results or even worse, not getting any use out of the training. I was done trying harder and harder and pretty much settled into the feeling that I was destined to struggle to keep the business that I already had. Year after year I was not able to increase my calls and sales. I was tired and if I knew how to do anything else I would have quit.

One day I received a post card and happened to read it late one night while I was paying bills in the office. Even though I had never heard of CEO Warrior before, I decided that I would attend the Service Business Edge Event because I had not done anything to improve my situation in years. After meeting all of the other business owners and hearing their success stories it sounded amazing. I knew that I had to surround myself in the CEO Warrior culture to finally make a change in my life and business.

The month after attending SBE was my highest grossing month in 3 years. We have increased sales 30% overall and finally broke an annual sales goal that I had set 3 years before. Although I struggle with the frustration of slow growth I am pumped to grow the business again. I constantly get to log on to Facebook page and see how other business owners in the group are kicking ass and making bank. I am constantly reviewing notes and processes that I learned at my first SBE. I am writing 90 day plans and completing most of them. I am focused on learning and personal leadership growth over business growth.

After attending dozens of business building events and joining several groups, I have finally found an organization that is making a difference. If you are committed to business success this is the organization to be partnered with. The training at the events is literally, PRICELESS!


AARON WOODHOUSE: Allair Mechanical Services

My business was stuck! I didn’t know the possibilities or how to achieve them. In 20 years my father never did more than $500k in one year. I bought the business 2 years ago. I knew that I wanted growth but didn’t know how. I was struggling with revenue, employees and marketing. There wasn’t any alignment and not much clarity. No hopes for a career or better future for anyone on my team. Just came to work every day, grinding it out, to make money. I realized that after one year of owning the company that nothing was going to change if I kept doing what my father had done and the only thing I know. I attended a local training at Gary Lightfoot’s business. He is a member of the CEO Warrior organization and suggested that I attend an event. I didn’t want to have a business dependent on me for everything, so I decided to go.

After attending my revenue went up INSTANTLY. The phrase that you don’t know what you don’t know comes to mind. I would implement things each time I heard and learned how other companies were operating. Initially my mind was expanding but that has led to business expansion. I needed to let go of people that were not on board with my vision. The biggest takeaway is that I would not have done any of these things without CEO Warrior. My people are now winners and not just people clocking in and out. I did more this year than I have done in years past. I hired, fired, trained and most importantly increased revenue profit by becoming more efficient and selling better. My revenue is up 44%.

CEO Warrior gives you life. It changes your mind and make you become the man or woman that you are meant to be. It’s a place where only positivity exists which gives you clarity and a vision to help you grind out the tough times. If you are willing to work harder and willing to challenge your current way of thinking than you need to become a Warrior.


CATHY HELIN: Northern Plumbing & Heating

We were stagnant in our business. We knew that we wanted to grow and do greater things but we did not know what direction to turn in. We were trying to implement new processes and change our culture, but there was no accountability or time constraint. We did not have timelines or deadlines to move things forward or make changes happen faster. We did not know our numbers and have enough experienced employees. Everyday had become like the day before and we had no excitement or drive to make things better. We needed the accountability and push to accomplish the things that must get done.

We attended our first Warrior Event in 2018 and immediately felt the change. We implemented a lot of things and some employees are on board and one moved on because they were resistant to the change. We are more of an open book now and our painted vision is becoming clearer. As the wife of an owner, I felt very alone at times not knowing if I am doing things right or if what I am going through is normal. There are so many other women Warriors who are doing exactly what my husband and I are doing and the fact that I have their support is unbelievable. It has put my husband and I on the same page in the business and brought us closer. It is not always easy but for us to be fighting for the same thing makes it worth it.

Don’t hesitate and be ready to work your ass off! If you aren’t one who wants to push and be okay with the uncomfortable, then CEO Warrior is not for you. If you want to grow as a business and as a person than you need to join.


JEREMY PRUITT: Pruitt Electric LLC

Before coming to CEO Warrior my business was a “shit show”. There was ZERO structure and I honestly do not know how we survived this long that way. We were struggling with scheduling, maintaining the steady work flow and keeping track of money. The culture was unbalanced and chaotic and there was poor leadership.

After having a conversation with Mike Agugliaro, I knew that I needed to attend a CEO Warrior Service Business Edge Event. We still have a long way to go but we are working towards total clarity and the changes that we have put into place have impacted us greatly. My wife has joined the business, we removed negativity from our culture and I approach every aspect of my life as an opportunity to improve (this has been difficult for me).

I struggle with depression and often drink myself to sleep just to shut my mind off. Since being with this group I have met people/leaders who have shown me that I run this business, it does not run me! It has helped me to approach all avenues with an open mind instead and not to stress nearly as much. I have also gained 24lbs since I actually take the time to eat again.

Being a Warrior has given me access to people in the trades who think like me. We have a common goal – MARKET DOMINATION! We have only been members for a couple of months and are close to $1.1 million in sales and were projecting $886K to end the year. If you want to change your life, you need to change your mind. The CEO Warrior Team(family) will stand beside you on the front line and carry you beyond the finish line.