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This event has made a huge difference in Josh’s life. He wasn’t the leader he needed to be because of things in his life that were holding him back. The exercise Tuesday night made him a changed man – he’s never experienced a training like this before. His goal is to go from $3M-$5M – and he’s going to take what he learned and play full out.


MANDIE HAGAN Rowell’s Services

This past year we have grown from offering just septic and drain cleaning to adding heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, same day bathroom makeovers and pipe bursting. Ceo Warrior has changed our world, not just in our business, but as a business owner, a business leader, but also a parent, a wife, a friend. Ceo Warrior is like no other trade organization.

OP ALMAREZ; Allied Restoration

As a result of going to the Service Business Edge (a year ago) I went from 3.5 to 5.5 million dollars in 12 months It’s been a radical change. If you are even considering that you should do something different in your business – you gotta get here. CEO Warrior is the BEST investment you can make. It impacts you as a person, but also the rest of the company, your employees, your business.


ERIC CORBETT, Larry & Son’s

Before Mike’s $23 Million Business Blueprint Workshop there was an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. We implemented several processes but we weren’t seeing the results that we wanted. After the workshop we took the information Mike gave us and put it to work, and we are seeing a positive change within our company. July was not only our strongest revenue month, but was also our highest with 53 percent gross profit and 27 percent net profit for the month. The best thing about working with Mike is that he shares real life experience from his business, it’s not just information from a book that he read. Business is never perfect, but you have to have a plan and make the best of every opportunity. Larry and Sons Inc. now has a clear, hopeful and positive future, and a well thought out plan that we can execute.

TOM CASEY; Griffin Service

Tom says it’s not just 4 days of info – it’s like 4 years’ worth of info, where one idea will give you back your investment! It’s not just theory – it’s proven and practical, Tom says. It changed his level of thinking; it changed him from a manager to a leader. He’s amazed at the possibilities the event has created for him.


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