Onboarding: How New Hires Can Make Your Team Better, Stronger and Longer-Lasting

One-third of new hires start looking for a new job within their first six months of employment. It doesn’t have to be that way in your service business. Often it’s simply the tone that is set on an employee’s first day, first week and/or first month. Too many new hires spend time just waiting around on their first day—that’s poor planning. Others get an opportunity to do something new a few days into the job, but, first, the manager has to find someone to show them how to do it so they’re left waiting. An effective onboarding process can solve these problems. In fact, with good onboarding, new hires can make your team better, stronger and longer-lasting.

7 Qualities to Look For in New Hires

Every new hire you make can strengthen your team and improve your culture. Look for these seven qualities, but add to this list as you determine what you need in your team members to take your service business to the next level.

Do More Hiring and Less Firing

Your service business is going to change when you’re always hiring and regularly holding hiring events. You won’t struggle with recruitment. You’ll be hiring the right people to help you grow your business.

The Ultimate Recruitment Test

To recruit the right people, your company has to look like a place you want to work for. That statement is a good summary of Mike Agugliaro’s best advice on recruitment. At CEO Warrior and previously in his home services business, Mike has recruited and hired hundreds of service technicians, call center representatives, and managers. […]

Hiring Secrets You Need to Know

There should never be a time in your life as a service business owner when you’re not looking for new talent. Here I reveal my 4 top hiring secrets.

Providing High-Quality Services

Focusing on the bottom line might work for a period of time, but the market will eat you alive if this is all that you care about. Here’s why…

6 Hard Truths For Leaders

If you want to have a high-performance team working for you, here are six hard truths that you need to hear.

Team Building + Motivation

Here’s some good news.

I’m going to show you how to motivate team members so they’re excited to work towards your company’s vision. These are the five techniques that you need to master.

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