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Scaling Full Nelson Services with CEO Warrior

Full Nelson Services, owned by Heather and Shawn Mansell, embarked on a transformative journey when they joined CEO Warrior. Facing challenges in leadership, team cohesion, and growth, they sought guidance and found a comprehensive solution tailored to their industry-specific needs. 

Through CEO Warrior’s personalized approach, Full Nelson Services not only overcame obstacles but also achieved remarkable growth, transforming into a model of success within the HVAC industry. 

The enlightenment

Before joining CEO Warrior, Full Nelson Services faced significant hurdles that hindered their progress. 

“Our technicians weren’t following directions, and we were all over the place” says Heather. “We tried getting outside help, but that was a horrible experience. We had a couple of ‘business development professionals’ come in, but we kicked them out because they weren’t clear about how they could help us.” 

Thankfully, Shawn was introduced to CEO Warrior at a trade show — and despite their negative experiences with other organizations, the couple decided to reach out. 

“Shawn and Chris, our GM, attended the WWETT Show and remembered a business development company was there,” recalls Heather. “One of them had their bag from the show and literally dumped it until they found the card for CEO Warrior.” 

Heather says that CEO Warrior made an unforgettable first impression on her, Shawn, and Chris. 

“Chris spoke with [CEO Warrior team member] Caroline and explained that we couldn’t wait for a live event — we needed help NOW,” explains Heather. “Caroline, being the superwoman she is, got us a meeting that same Saturday. I’ll never forget that.”

The implementation 

CEO Warrior’s membership provided Full Nelson Services with a holistic solution tailored to their unique challenges. The high-touch approach, led by industry experts with lived experience, ensured personalized guidance and support every step of the way. 

Through tailored training programs and personalized coaching sessions, Heather, Shawn, and their team underwent a profound transformation. They learned how to cultivate a positive culture, attract top talent, and lead with confidence. The training empowered them to communicate effectively, set clear expectations, and foster a sense of purpose within the organization.

“So much has improved since joining CEO Warrior,” says Heather. “The leadership training taught us that we can change our perspective and lead our current team with confidence.” 

The results

The partnership between Full Nelson Services and CEO Warrior yielded tangible outcomes that reflected the company’s newfound success. 

“Since becoming a Warrior, every aspect of our company has changed for the better,” says Heather. “Our conversion rate is higher, and our average ticket has gone up 66%. We’re continually working on ways to help retain high levels of service.” 

By implementing CEO Warrior’s strategies and best practices, Full Nelson Services achieved significant milestones across various metrics. 

“We have a better understanding of how marketing works, and better phone skills have gotten us to a new level of customer service,” explains Heather. When we first signed up with CEO Warrior, we weren’t tracking our phone calls or conversion rates. Now we are at an 82% booking rate and climbing with less than 6% cancellation rate. It’s truly amazing.” 

Another huge win for Full Nelson Services was rebranding and pulling an Enhanced Data report for the first time. Both of these things impact how the team relates to their customers. 

“The report taught us where to spend our marketing dollars and make it reach further,” says Heather. “Changing our brand made us more relatable to our avatar and is a brand that will last for years to come.” 

Lessons learned 

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from CEO Warrior is that my own mindset affects everyone and everything,” says Heather. “I have to know that we are the best at what we do — and in order to become a well-oiled machine, we must work on ourselves first before we can move on to helping others.” 

Beyond the business, CEO Warrior’s impact extended to Heather’s personal development. Through immersive experiences and transformative events, she gained newfound confidence and resilience. 

“On a personal level, CEO Warrior has taught me how to communicate better with my family and friends,” she says. “Usually, I am a patient person, but I’ve learned to be more present with people and focus on them and not other things, like work, that affect relationships. I don’t have to talk about work all the time. Instead, I enjoy the time I do get to spend with my family and friends. It’s a much more enjoyable mindset.” 

The partnership between Full Nelson Services and CEO Warrior exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic guidance and personalized support. Through leadership development, cultural transformation, and operational excellence, Nelson HVAC not only overcame challenges but also achieved remarkable growth and success. Heather’s journey from uncertainty to empowerment serves as a testament to the profound impact of CEO Warrior’s holistic approach to business and personal development. 

“I would tell anyone thinking about becoming a Warrior to write down the things they want improved in their personal and professional life,” says Heather. “Then I would ask them if they can figure it out for themself. Since I know they would say no, there’s no reason not to join. There is no end to the possibilities of growth in all aspects of your life when you join CEO Warrior. You’ll reach levels of growth you don’t even think are possible.” 

As Full Nelson Services continues to thrive, their story stands as an inspiration to service business owners seeking to scale their operations and realize their full potential with confidence.

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