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Hiring Skilled Workers For Your Service Business

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The services business has always been unique for finding and hiring skilled workers, who are smart and experienced, but when it comes to recruiting, it seems the home service industry is particularly challenged.

As a business owner, how do you find and keep the best people happy in the jobs you hired them for, and know they will be reliable enough for you to take a step back to only have to manage them in the future?

Ultimately, the most important part to hiring the right people and preventing your own burnout is allowing them the room for growth in your company.

Hiring in 2023 vs. Hiring in the past

Changing your mindset and your past hiring or recruiting techniques can be the key to filling the important roles that you’ve been searching for.

Your brand is everywhere

Your business is your brand and must speak to a world-class level vision. A potential employee must see it in a way they recognize as a great opportunity to work there. It starts with the client and the reputation you uphold serving them. It means world-class service every single time no matter what. So how can you maintain that high standard?

We can sum this up in one word: Exposure.Your company must be “exposed” or represented everywhere. Yes, you absolutely represent your brand on every client service visit your team makes, but your business is also represented when you:

  • Stop for coffee in your company uniform.
  • Pull out of that parking lot in your brand wrapped truck.

There are potential candidates everywhere. Being intentionally polite, respectful, and safe gives anyone who encountered your business that day a great impression. Think about this… what if that coffee barista who made your mid-morning snack is in school to become a technician? Rubbing them the wrong way on a first impression may deter them from ever looking to your company for a position. Putting your best foot forward as a business owner and asking your employees to do the same gives your organization a better chance in finding the caliber of people you are looking to hire.

Social media is key

Additionally, taking people “behind the scenes” through video of your daily routine is a great way to give candidates a sneak peek at what it’s like to work for your business. This gives your brand exposure and showcases the best parts of your culture and what’s it like to be on your team. Show the world how you differentiate from the other organizations in your marketplace. Where you post your social media, is where your avatar hangs out and is entirely up to you and the market you serve. There is no rule of thumb, but asking an expert helps.

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Flexibility is attractive

Offering your employees flexibility in the hours they work is also a huge difference between how recruiting people in the past and the present has changed. In the past, it was understood that hours were traditionally 9 – 5. In today’s competitive market, offering and marketing flexible days and times of work, is attractive for potential employees. Additionally, if you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you can promote “no on-call” in your job postings. This is a huge value to candidates. They don’t feel like they’re on the clock all the time. PLUS flexible schedules can be beneficial for your organization by allowing you to expand your normal hours of operations to your customers.

Reward your employees for referrals

Involve your existing employees in your recruiting efforts. Asking them for names of people within their network who would be a great culture fit in your company. Chances are, if your existing team member is a great culture fit and you love their personality, their referrals are probably very similar to them. Nobody wants to refer someone who would embarrass them, right? And don’t forget to reward your employees with an incentive to identify and have initial conversations with potential candidates.

Interview for personality

Think of your great employees as an “avatar” for comparative purposes. What is it about their personality you like? When you interview a potential employee, focus on their personality. Their resume will give you the experience and skills they have, but if you get a good feeling about your conversation and their energy is a good fit, they’ll more than likely do well within your organization.

When you are about to start your next round of hiring, remember to stay on top of current trends, try something new, and don’t fall back into old processes that do not work well.

At CEO Warrior, our Master Advisors are experts on the subject of recruiting and are continuing to stay on top of the always changing world of recruiting. If you’re looking for additional help in your business to efficiently grow by leaps and bounds, schedule time to speak with a CEO Warrior expert. We’d love to discuss your goals and how we can assist you in reaching them.

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