When are we strongest? Is it at the beginning of the marathon when we’re pumped and ready to go, or at the end when we are exhausted, victorious, and feeling the passing of that experience? On your journey to leadership, are you Warrior Strong?

Warrior Strong

A couple months ago I had an amazing experience at Profit Con. (This is the annual conference of the Profit First Professionals. If you haven’t heard of us, definitely check out how we can help your business go from surviving to thriving. Several of our contributors here on Between Wall and Main are members.) At Profit Con there were several amazing speakers, and one in particular really helped to point out where my major growth areas were and helped me start to move past them. He showed me what it means to be Warrior Strong.

Mike Agugliaro did an amazing presentation on leadership. If you have never heard of Mike, be sure to look him up at The work he does with entrepreneurial leaders is amazing.

In Mike’s presentation at Profit Con he talked about how each of us serve in leadership roles. We lead for our clients, our teams at work, our communities, our families, and in every facet of our lives. Unfortunately, most of us don’t see the leader in ourselves, and we create emotional roadblocks that hold back our full potential. Some of these roadblocks masquerade as “values” that are actually limiting beliefs. This is why Mike began his presentation by asking us to write down the words, “What if what I’m telling myself is not true?”

What if?

Do that right now. It’s amazingly liberating. Sometimes just admitting that we might be wrong opens up worlds of new potentials for growth and discovery. Do you want to stick with the fable you have gotten used to telling yourself, or do you want to pursue the truth? Sometimes the truth demands that we grow and change. Sometimes change is uncomfortable. Do you think that the caterpillar is “comfortable” as it’s fighting it’s way out of the chrysalis?

Mike said that to be Warrior Strong, “It’s better to tell a hurtful truth than a comforting lie.”

Are you ready for a hurtful truth? Ready or not, here they come. Here are a few for you:

  • You are a leader.
  • People want you.
  • The only thing holding you back is you.