Make Every Day BetterEver wondered why Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs wear the same thing every day? (It’s the same reason I do too). And the reason might surprise you…

Humans only have a limited capacity for decision-making each day. Yes, science has shown that humans can only make a certain number of decisions each day and then we run out of the ability to make decisions efficiently.

So Zuckerberg, Jobs, and many others believe: why bother wasting any of that decision-making on your clothes?!?

As business owners, we’re faced with an ONSLAUGHT of decisions every single day, and we quickly run out of the ability to make decisions well. I’d venture to say that most of you reading this use up all your decision-making ability before lunch. Then the rest of the day’s energy reserves are spent trying to muster the brainpower to make good decisions.

That’s why I built the Decision-Making Criteria. Because, whether it’s your first critical decision of the day, or the last one, I want to help you make EVERY decision a better one.

The Decision-Making Criteria is a process of answering questions so you reach a conclusion. (After all, a lot of the energy spent in decision-making is spent on trying to figure out HOW to decide… so these questions lay that out for you so all you need to do is answer them.

I’ll share some of my questions with you, and you may need to add your own questions or adjust these questions, depending on whether it’s a decision in your personal life or business. But here are some great questions to ask as part of your decision-making process:

  • How quick will it make me happy?
  • How quick will it make me money?
  • How quick will it serve someone else?
  • What’s the return on investment?
  • What’s the return on time?
  • What’s the return on life?
  • What’s it going to do for my employees?
  • What’s it going to do for my prospects and clients?
  • Will it cost you your sanity?

So, think about a decision you have to make…

  • Hire this employee or that one?
  • Invest in a new truck? … or maybe a new building?
  • Choose a marketing strategy for next month.
  • How to deal with an unhappy customer.
  • How to deal with an employee who has gone rogue.
  • Whether to expand into a new market or double-down on your current one.
  • How to create more opportunities in your business and grow it.
  • Come to Service Business Edge to get trained?

And this applies to life too…

  • Whether to sell your house and buy a new one.
  • Where should you go on vacation?
  • Whether you should buy or lease a car.
  • How to deal with a personal problem.

The value of having a process to run through on every decision is going to transform your day. You’ll go through decisions faster, you’ll make better decisions, and you’ll get more wealth and freedom because of it.

And hey, if you need to talk to someone about this—maybe you still need more clarity about a challenging business decision—then I’d invite you to book a free 30-minute strategy call with one of our Master Advisors. You can learn more and book it here: