The Rise of Warriors:

How Mandie and Ian Hagan Brought Their Service Business to New Heights



To build a successful business, you need to take a leap of faith every once in a while.

Mandie and Ian did, and it’s safe to say that it paid off many times over.

A successful service business doesn’t become successful overnight. Instead, it requires years of hard work, perseverance, and innovation. Even if your business is already successful, you must never be complacent. This can poison your success and stunt growth more than nearly anything else.

When they first joined CEO Warrior, this was exactly the place where Mandie and Ian found themselves in. Struggling to build a successful business, they felt as if there was nothing they could do about it.

Warriors know that it’s always possible to take a business to the next level. With the help of CEO Warrior, Mandie and Ian’s business took off.

Let’s take a look at their journey.


A Blessing in Disguise

In 1983, Mandie’s father started his septic company in New Hampshire. Even at a young age, Mandie helped out in the business as much as she could. When she was only 10 years old, she answered phone calls and helped with other simple tasks.

As she grew up, she realized that the family business wasn’t for her. She met Ian and they got married in Colorado, where they decided to live.

Mandie was working in finance and Ian in plumbing and heating. Life was good and they never really thought about starting the company.

But then Mandie received devastating news of her father’s passing. This tragic turn of events brought them back to New Hampshire in October 2013. Even though this was one of the saddest events in Mandie’s life, it led to what would become the best decision of her life.


More Than a Business

Mandie’s father’s company could have been neglected after her father’s death but the community wasn’t ready to let this happen. As one of the area’s best service businesses, many people stood behind it.

Mandie and Ian saw this and couldn’t believe the impact that the company had on the community. They had thought about it as nothing more than a septic business. One that offers good services but only as far as septic companies go.

However, it was so much more than that.

Mandie and Ian decided to take over the business. What’s most motivational to them was the community support, which they wanted to give back. They decided to move to New Hampshire and make it work.

Unfortunately, this was much harder than it first seemed.


The Challenges

Mandie has always been close to the family business, though not with any aspiration of running it. It just so happened that she was. In addition, Ian’s plumbing and heating expertise was certainly welcome, so the two of them made a great team.

However, running a successful service business takes more than that.

The first few years went by pretty smoothly. The company was doing well. Mandie and Ian were able to provide for their kids, go on vacations, and overall lead a nice life.

But at one point, they just got stuck. The company was growing but the growth felt way too slow. They recognized the unexplored potential but they just didn’t know how to tap into it. They knew that they had to do something to grow the company faster and give back more to the community.

They tried all sorts of strategies, but they were all in vain. It was always either ill-advised or they weren’t able to commit fully to the company.

What was once one of the best service businesses in that part of New Hampshire felt like a trap for Mandie and Ian.

Luckily, they didn’t give up. Instead, they found someone who could help them get unstuck.


Meeting the CEO Warrior

In 2016, Mandie and Ian went to the WWETT Show where they met Mike Agugliaro, co-founder of CEO Warrior. The 45-minute presentation marked the biggest turning point in their business careers.

In Mandie’s own words, “I left there so pumped. I said to Ian, ‘I don’t know who this guy is but we need him in our life right now.’ We went back to the hotel room and filled out the paperwork right then and there.”

However, Mandie’s commitment issues almost led her to make the wrong decision again. When she first applied to the Warrior Fast Track Academy (which is now Service Business Growth), Mandie wasn’t sure if she was ready to commit to working with CEO Warrior.

She and Ian planned on visiting the next event, but Mandie had previously planned a vacation for her 40th birthday. The decision came down to investing in business education or going on a trip of a lifetime to Napa Valley.

Thankfully, Mike challenged her thinking and Mandie decided to postpone the trip and attend the training. She now can say that it’s the best decision she’s ever made.


The First Day of School

Mandie describes her first contact with the Service Business Growth program like the first day at a new school. The energy was amazing, but she felt scared to death and so did Ian.

Neither of them had ever invested in anything this intense. However, since they first joined the training, the couple knew it was the best decision they could’ve made. They could feel that this was exactly what they needed to build a successful business out of their stagnating company.

Needless to say, this is exactly what they did. Over the next 10 months, they attended two more CEO Warrior training events where they learned the best strategies for supporting their business growth.

What’s more, they became Warriors themselves by joining the CEO Warrior Circle, and committed fully to growth, the CEO Warrior way. For Mandie, the support from the community was crucial.


“Growth isn’t easy but since becoming Warriors, we get to speak to 40, 50, 60 other Warriors who have gone through the same issues that we are going through. Someone has been there, done that, and then they help us do the same thing”, she said.


One of the most important things for Ian was the fact that they could learn and implement new strategies very quickly. The couple went from not knowing anything about KPIs to executing successful growth strategies in very little time.

As you can imagine, this led to their idea of business growth and success.


The Results

When they first joined CEO Warrior, Mandie and Ian’s septic company had 11 employees and five trucks. The company turned over just over $1 million in sales year after year, topping out at $1.2 million. It has stayed at these numbers for a long time before they decided to take serious action.

Their financial reports from the past year speak volumes about the impact of working with CEO Warrior.

They added 25 new vehicles and 33 more employees. Their sales revenue jumped to $4.6 million and there are plans in place to increase it to $6 million per year. (It has grown even more since these numbers were reported.)

What’s more, they branched out to other related services. Aside from septic systems, they added plumbing, electrical, HVAC, bath remodeling, and a variety of other services. The company is becoming a huge player in the region and service industry, and the couple is finally able to give back to the community the way they always wanted to.

In addition, this journey has an effect on their personal life as well. They say that their relationship is much more complicated due to the many different roles that they have to take on, but that’s a good thing. They are now perfectly aligned. And with clear joined vision, they feel much more fulfilled as a couple.

They’ve learned a lot from the CEO Warrior family and are using that knowledge in both their personal and professional lives.


The Right Track

After seeing the results of their work with CEO Warrior, Mandie and Ian decided to commit for the long haul. They’re still a part of the family and they don’t plan on changing this.

Mandie went from Warrior Circle to Warrior Centurion and still participates in many events and training sessions. Her plan is to keep taking the company to greater heights, and she’s on the right track for this.

What’s more, Mandie and Ian even decided to include their daughter in the whole process. She attended Teen Warriors, a program that teaches teenage children of CEO Warriors valuable skills that they’ll be able to use in their everyday life.

As it turns out, their company is on the way to becoming the best service business in the game, and Mandie and Ian have adopted the way of CEO Warrior into their personal lives as well. The sky is the limit when it comes to the couple’s future and business success.

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