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Mike J. Agugliaro

New article by Mike Agugliaro in ACHR News.

Thursday, March, 10th, 2016 at 2:02 pm by Mike J. Agugliaro

CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL ARTICLE  How to Grow Your Marketing Into a System Build a system that automatically communicates your message  Burn your money. That’s what most service businesses should do with their marketing dollars, since they’re getting about the same result from their marketing as they would if they set their marketing dollars on fire. For many service businesses, marketing is broken. Service business owners should be in the business of marketing, 

Mike J. Agugliaro

Business Breakthrough: Lumpy Mail

Sunday, January, 19th, 2014 at 7:00 am by Mike J. Agugliaro

Hey, Mike Agugliaro. Business ninja, founder of 23 million dollar business blueprint and service business warrior mastermind, greatest mastermind on the planet. Yes, this is not a second head. This is a watermelon. So why the heck do I have a watermelon? Well, first off, I’m going to cut this bad boy up later and we’re going to eat it because this is looking pretty good. But that’s not why I have a watermelon today.