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Secrets of Business


Business Ninja Mike Agugliaro is releasing his new book Secrets of Business Mastery at the beginning of January. You can pre-register now, and be one of the first people to receive this killer book!

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If you are overworked, stressed out, exhausted and feel like you are running on a hamster wheel in your service business – then this book is for you. It will transform your business, skyrocket your revenue and improve the quality of your life (at work and at home). An all-encompassing approach for your business, this book covers everything that matters:


  • Mastering yourself and your relationships
  • Mastering your health
  • Mastering your time
  • Mastering your business
  • Mastering the numbers
  • Mastering your marketing and sales
  • Mastering your money
  • Mastering your culture and team
  • Mastering your service
  • Mastering your systems
  • Mastering your future


It is complete with action lists and actions steps, so you can apply what you’ve learned immediately to your business.


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