Service Business EdgeWhy do you go to business training events? Probably to learn how to run your business better, right?

Most people who come to Service Business Edge are looking for help with their business…

  1.  They want strategies that are proven work.
  2. They want strategies that work right now.
  3. They want strategies that work right now, regardless of the market or the economy.

That’s exactly what they get from CEO Warrior—the exact proven strategies (and systems and swipe files) that Rob and Mike built when they grew their service business from under $1 million a year to over $30 million a year… before they sold it.

But CEO Warrior goes a step further and delivers something else during Service Business Edge—something that no other industry group or trade organization does: CEO Warrior helps service business owners build a customized implementation plan.

This immediately overcomes one of the biggest challenges that service business owners face when they attend training events… the challenge of hearing something during the event but not being able to turn it into something actionable when they get back to their real life.

CEO Warrior’s proven implementation plan—called a “90 Day Warrior Road Map”—is the answer to this challenge. During Service Business Edge, owners build their own customized implementation plan so they can turn every game-changing strategy into an action item for simple and straightforward implementation.

The strategies… the implementation plan… these are powerful. They change the game for business owners who attend Service Business Edge.

But there’s something else that surprises people when they attend Service Business Edge because they weren’t expecting it: a mindset shift.

You see, CEO Warrior understands that business strategies on their own are valuable. But if they aren’t implemented with the right mindset—the right passion, drive, focus, determination, and attitude—the change won’t be authentic, aligned, or even permanent.

A service business owner who hasn’t changed their mind will rarely stick with a strategy. They’ll jump from one shiny object to another until they’ve run through all the strategies that they can (which they’ve implemented in a half-assed way)… only to repeat the process again. With disappointing results.

Not only that but there’s another reason CEO Warrior focuses on mindset shifts: many service business owners think that their business is broken so it needs to be fixed but their idea of what a broken business is (and what a properly working business is) isn’t always accurate. That’s why so many business owners think that they need to work harder to get a more successful business… so they sacrifice family time to grow their business (and just end up spinning their wheels).

In reality, you don’t need to work harder to grow your business, you need to work differently. That is a mindset shift most people need to make because they think that they’ll be spending MORE time at the office to implement CEO Warrior’s strategies when, in fact, they end up spending MUCH LESS time at the office.

CEO Warrior doesn’t want to create more harder-working service business owners… we want to create a movement of changed lives—of service business owners and their families who are rewarded with more wealth and freedom because of a business that grows itself and runs on autopilot. THAT is a real transformation that most business owners would love (but few dare to dream it or seek it out because they don’t think it’s real).

And THAT is why CEO Warrior creates a life-changing experience at Service Business Edge: to intentionally shift the thinking of business owners so they tap into a re-ignited inferno of energy that will help them create a bigger and more prosperous business than they ever thought possible!

Service Business Edge is the place to the Warrior Blueprint to growing your business… and to changing your life. It all starts in your mind and that’s what surprises most people who attend Service Business Edge.