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It’s important to get training when things are slow but it’s MORE IMPORTANT to get training just as things are starting to pick up. Because…

  • When you only learn during slow times, you unconsciously set the level of busyness as the high water mark in your business. Rather than the busy months being a thing you build off it, it becomes a measurement by which you try to raise all the other months. That’s a mistake.

  • When you only learn during slow times, you learn to implement when things are slow, so it “trains” you to only do business-building stuff when your business is slow.

  • When you only learn during slow times, you only choose strategies that will help your business get back to being busy… and you miss out on a whole bunch of strategies of how to create a business that thrives on being busier than ever.

  • When you only learn during slow times, you sometimes end up choosing desperate options to try get more income instead of learning how to make a busy business better.

  • When you only learn during slow times, you end up only learning approximately 8 months of the year instead of growing all 12 months of the year.

  • When you only learn during slow times, it tells your team that they should only focus on business growth when it’s needed, not when you’re busy.


The reason why I’m telling you all of this is because I used to do that same thing. I’d enjoy the busy times and then wait for the slower times to learn. But the “slow time” strategies didn’t always create more busy times.

When I turned my business around, one of the things I learned was to choose to learn in the busy times… and to build up those busy times to make them busier… and to LEVERAGE those busy times to create longer stretches of success. And when I learned how important it was, I did more of it.

And, now that I’m living out my own personal mission to change the lives of business owners all around the world, it’s become important to me to share this critical lesson with everyone…

“Delaying your education for slower times actually hurts your business.”

With that in mind, I’d like to extend an invitation to you.


It’s 4 days that are packed with solid information, ideas, strategies, and the exact blueprints and swipe files I used to turn my business around and grow it to $30+ million a year. I share it ALL with you, nothing held back, and I even help you figure out what to implement in your business first.

  • Is it a busy time for you? Of course it is. But there’s ALWAYS a reason NOT to do something… the most successful people push past those reasons and they say, “I’ll make it work.”

  • Is it “too busy” to think about your education right now? In my experience, that’s exactly the time to start learning… because the people who learn when it’s busy create stronger businesses all year round.

  • Is it a sacrifice to come? Guess what; it’s ONLY 4 days… and the things you’ll learn can be implemented immediately so you can see them benefit you in the summer.

Look, you could spend those 4 days doing the same things you normally do during the start of your busy season… OR… can invest in your education and turn your good summer into a jaw-droppingly GREAT summer.

(And what’s the worst that could happen? You show up, realize on day 1 that it’s not for you, and I’ll refund 100% of your money on the spot and you just go back to doing what you’ve been doing. No problem. But what’s the best that could happen? You could completely change the game in your business and this turns out to be the best 4 days you’ve ever invested in yourself and your business.)

Let me give you some simple math to really make this real for you.

Let’s say you do $60,000 a month in business during your slow season and $120,000 a month in your busy season. Most people wait until their slow season to learn something. But if you could attend Warrior Fast Track Academy to 10X your monthly income, does it make more sense to go during the slow time and learn to boost your slow monthly income from $60k to $600k… or show up in May and learn to boost your busy season monthly income from $120k to $1.2 million (AND use that knowledge to grow your slow season too)? Join me at Warrior Fast Track Academy this May and let’s make this the busiest busy season you’ve ever had.

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