October 7th

at 12:00 pm Pacific, 3:00 pm Eastern

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You will...

  • FInd out why some brands "connect" with customers and other don't ... and the 3 small tweaks you can make to your brand to lock your business in their minds.
  • Learn the 6 "fast fixes" to hiring - and finally start hiring hard-working "A-Players" - even if you can't pay them as much as your competitors (I even use this strategy to ethically "steal" my competitors' best employees).
  • Discover the game-changing "framework" I implemented that instantly exploded the number of referrals I get daily (and as a bonus, it even eliminated the threat of bad online reviews that used to keep me up at night).
  • Hear the exact words I use to be able to charge my customers MORE MONEY - and they're happy to pay it. You won't believe how this boosts your income very quickly.
  • I'll hand you the step-by-step plan to implement for 2017; it lays out a very clear path of what you need to do to break your business income record. (One service business DOUBLED their income from the year before - what would the impact be on your business if you even just added 25% to your income?)