Discover the untapped income opportunity of turning your techs into sales-making

 This 3-day course will walk you step-by-step through the tools and strategies to turn techs into elite performers.
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Fix Your Mindset About Sales
The word “sales” is perceived negatively. Chances are, you don’t love to sell and neither do your techs. But when you discover CEO Warrior’s “non-sales” approach to selling, you’ll change what you think about sales (and your techs will love it too). 
Create An Army Of Sales-Skilled Techs 

Learn the powerful methods to transform your techs into sales elite performers who are empowered and equipped to close more sales for you… even if they haven’t done so in the past. You’ll probably need to hire more techs because you’re so busy! 
Maximize Your
Team’s Skills 

Tap into your team’s existing “hidden” sales skills and talents to transform them into money-making sales superstars. They’ll be empowered when they discover that they already have the skills and personality to excel at sales, even if they didn’t realize it! 
Leverage Proven Tools And Strategies 

Receive all the tools and strategies you need to equip your team. These are the same tools and strategies that were used successfully by techs to generate more than $30 million a year in sales for one service company.



  •  With our laser-focused training, you can FINALLY unlock the pieces of the puzzle that have been holding your sales back from the next level. You’ll focus in on ultra-specific areas of your sales to turn those struggles and weaknesses into new stronger and more profitable revenue streams. 
  •  Can you see your team members becoming laser focused service-generating machine that are so skilled at what they do that the customer forgets the word “no”? We all know that to grow your company to the next level, you need a laser focused salesforce to create such a high level of “WOW” experience that the customer can’t wait to buy… and buy again!
  •  Get proven strategies that worked to build Gold Medal Service into a dominant player, generating more than $200 million in 10 years. These strategies are tried and battle tested. They have been refined by investing over $1 million in education training (not counting the endless years of tweaking, modifying, and strategic implementation). 
  • As with all CEO Warrior training, the focus is not on theory but on implementation—every attendee will leave with a step-by-step implementation road map and a crystal-clear idea of how they will implement this into their business. (Our Master Advisors will work with each person during the event to help them figure out how to create a new super-human serving mindset.
GUARANTEE: You will receive back ten times the value of your training course investment within 90 days. If you do not receive at least ten times the investment within 90 days, you can send your team member back to the next course for free.

DISCLAIMER: Guarantee covers the investment of the training course only. Does not cover travel expenses including airfare or hotel. The same team member must attend the same training; no substitutions.
What Are You Waiting For?
This 3-day event will reveal exactly how to turn your techs into sales-making machines. 
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