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Remember Who Is Dialing

by Mike J. Agugliaro

Service Business Marketing Strategy: Remember Who Is Dialing

Service Business Marketing Strategy: Remember Who Is Dialing

Service Business Marketing Strategy: Remember Who Is Dialing

Do you need more leads in your home service business? And once you have those leads, how well to do you convert them into paying customers?

There’s a problem that home service business owners have when they are developing their marketing programs and strategies: The problem is their own expertise.

Chances are, you’ve been in the business for a long time and you know your way around an HVAC system, a plumbing system, an electrical system, etc. When you speak to other professional and even to your own team, you can communicate at a level of familiarity on the subject.

The problem is, your customers cannot. Most of them only know, “my faucet is dripping,” or “my air conditioner isn’t making my house cold.”

But there’s a level deeper than this, though, and when you understand this deeper level, it changes how you market your home service business: for your customers, it’s not just a matter of something not working right… it’s really a matter of what it does to their family.

“My faucet is dripping” – that’s the problem. But the real concern to your customers is: it keeps the entire family up all night, we get cranky with each other in the morning because we didn’t sleep well, and we’re worried that the high cost of all this lost water is going to force us to downgrade our vacation.

“My air conditioner isn’t making my house cold” – that’s the problem. But the real concern to your customers is: no one is happy at home right now; everyone feels hot and gross; I’m even worried about the health of my pets.

These are just two examples. Ultimately here’s what you need to remember: First, your prospective customers experience a problem but they don’t fully understand it. Second, your prospective customers don’t really care about the problem itself – what they truly care about is the impact, frustration, and cost that the problem has on their family.

Here’s what this means for you:

  • When you’re advertising and marketing, don’t try to be technical. Always talk about the problem to your customer’s level of understanding. (Don’t worry, this won’t diminish your position as an expert in the market but it WILL help your customers to think, “this company understands exactly what my problem is!”)
  • Always bring it back to the cost, frustration, and impact that the problem has on your customer and their family. Customers are most worried about the safety, security, comfort, and convenience of their family, and the ability to save money and time. So if you can express your solution in those terms, customers will respond.

You are the expert, your customers are not. Don’t let your expertise confuse the message of your marketing. Instead, speak to what your customers know and care about, and you’ll get more leads and happier customers.


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