Ross Jeffries on Persuasion and the Monster Mindset
Ross Jeffries on Persuasion and the Monster Mindset


Ross Jeffries has been described as a world leader in the subject of persuasion and seduction. Ross is a master hypnotist, transformation healer, and change worker and has been the subject of hundreds of television interviews and numerous documentaries.

Main Questions Asked:

  • [4:00] What is mindset and what are the biggest issues regarding mindset?
  • [6:35] Why would someone take on a good or bad mindset?
  • [14:10] Is it better for someone to be guided when it comes to mindset?
  • [20:10] Can you talk to us about dealing with judgement?
  • [25:50] What is persuasion?
  • [32:40] What are some of the things holding sales people back today?
  • [36:00] Is it beneficial to use reframing on a daily basis?
  • [37:10] What are some life and business success habits?
  • [40:40] What are some things people can do to improve their communication?


Key Lessons Learned:


  • Sales and business are a lot like dating. Rejection shouldn’t be viewed as a negative but rather a learning experience.
  • Mindset is a practice involving realistic motivation and informed enthusiasm.
  • Our actions are determined by our decisions, our decisions are based off the thoughts you have most often.
  • Transformational change happens when you can look at your beliefs instead of through them.
  • There are two sides to mindset, identifying your real motivation and taking on a learning framework. You need to understand the values that you’re living for.
  • You should be interested in the operations of your business but invested in your own skills.
  • It’s more effective to improve your mindset in a mastermind atmosphere.
  • All people are bound by language, it either freezes you or frees you. Use ownership language and claim your success.
  • Notice your progress in the difficult areas of your life.
  • Doing something ridiculous or absurd is a good way to reframe the way you think about things and your fear.
  • Rejection is an opportunity to get what you want or learn what you need.


  • Persuasion is the act of moving your prospect into taking the actions you want. It typically involves unconscious language.
  • Manipulation involves either coercion, misrepresenting or misstating facts, leaving our significant facts, or pushing on people’s pain buttons. Manipulation and persuasion are distinct processes.
  • You are selling decisions and feeling good about those decisions.
  • Without the follow up and excellent service, persuasion is useless.


  • The tools and technology today have changed, most salespeople aren’t playing the game right.
  • People are constantly distracted, selling involves getting them focused.
  • Your biggest competition is not your competitor, it’s the distracted and overwhelmed state of mind in your prospect.
  • View your prospects as team members that you have yet to recruit.

Success Habits And Tips

  • Nearly all top performers have some sort of daily meditation practice.
  • Understand how you can give service to others.
  • Work on expanding your gratitude for the things in your life.
  • Get into a state of mind of curiosity about learning and about people.
  • Focus on the why instead of the how.
  • Develop your voice.

Final Tips

  • Become a mindset monster.
  • Establish a vision not based on emotions or time.
  • Reframe and change your language, claim your success.
  • Get in the right state of mind before communicating with others.


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