In this week’s episode of the CEO Warrior Podcast , Mike Agugliaro interviews Laura Ligos. Laura is a registered dietitian with a passion for making food fun and helping everyone realize their full health potential. She works for Inside Tracker, an ultra personalized blood analytics company that’s looking to change the face of health and wellness.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What is the problem with business owners dealing with their health?
  • What do you tell people to get them to consider their health differently?
  • What are some of the problems with the traditional way we take care of ourselves?
  • What are the different indicators for health?
  • Why is it so difficult to navigate the health and fitness trends today?
  • Why are whole foods better than supplements?
  • Have companies changed food to make it more addictive?
  • What are those hard to read ingredients at the back of the box?
  • Where should someone start in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle?
  • How many people are taking vitamins that they don’t need?
  • What is one thing you want business owners to think about over the next few years?


Key Lessons Learned:


Health and Food

  • Entrepreneurs tend to put their health last on their list of priorities.
  • It’s possible to be have a low weight and still be unhealthy overall.
  • You will end up paying for your health one way or another.
  • Plan out your menu for the week ahead. You’ll be less likely to choose foods that are easy but less healthy for you.
  • You are what you eat. Your diet has a direct impact on your overall health.
  • Make your next meal your best meal.
  • There is no harm to eating more vegetables, not so much with processed food.
  • Without your health, you have nothing. Don’t wait to take care of your health.


Health Care and Inside Tracker

  • Most people don’t go to see the doctor until something is wrong.
  • Prevention is the most important tool you can use to optimize your health.
  • You need to be able to measure the key markers of good health beyond your weight.
  • Your blood doesn’t lie.
  • The “normal” range for most people isn’t enough, Inside Tracker customizes your results for your unique body.
  • Understanding your key performance indicators is vital to mastering your health and performance.


Weight Loss Trends

  • There is a lot of contradictory advice out there about what foods and exercise are good for you.
  • The best advice is backed by research and evidence.
  • Avoid most people pushing new health products, go to a source that you trust and stick with it.


Supplements and Food

  • Supplements are not a solution, they are meant to supplement a real food diet.
  • Food should be an ingredient, not have ingredients.
  • Don’t rely on pills to achieve the results your want for your health.
  • Try to eat simple foods with simple to understand ingredients.
  • Excess vitamins can actually cause negative effects to your health. They compete for absorption with other minerals in your body.


Sugar, Fat, Salt

  • You can be addicted to sugar because your body naturally craves sugar.
  • Many companies have increased the amount of sugar, fat, or salt in their foods to make you crave it more.
  • Sugar is linked to a number of chronic health issues.


Action Items

  • Get started today, test your blood and get an understanding of where you are now.
  • Drink more water, aim for half your body weight in ounces.
  • Get more sleep. Eight hours a night is ideal.
  • Track the food you eat or plan out your meals so you know what you’re putting into your body.
  • Make one change today, focus on the biggest issue first. Eliminate the things that aren’t promoting your health one at a time so you aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Disconnect from technology at least once a day.


Meditation and Stress

  • Your body doesn’t know the source of your stress, it just knows it’s stressed.
  • Stress can lead to higher blood sugar, fatigue, and other issues.
  • Meditating for five to ten minutes a day can have a large impact on your overall stress levels.
  • A perfect diet and perfect exercise routine can still be ineffective if your stress isn’t managed.


Final Tips

  • Don’t make your health your last priority.
  • Plan your week’s menu ahead of time.
  • Pick a path that works for you and stick with it.
  • Find out your baseline markers and understand what a healthy lifestyle means for you.
  • You can’t supplement a bad diet.


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