In this week’s episode of The CEO Warrior Podcast, Mike Agugliaro interviews Jonathan Rivera. Jonathan is an accomplished entrepreneur and podcaster, he built a podcast network called The Podcast Factory and speaks about building systems and marketing that works.


Main Questions Asked:

● What’s Jon up to right now?
● What is direct response marketing?
● How do you identify what your market needs?
● Do you find yourself stacking messages?
● Where should someone start if they want to build systems in their business?
● What’s your perspective on growing businesses?
● How does someone challenge their limiting beliefs?
● Tell us about the Podcast Factory.
● What’s the most important thing we should focus on over the next few years?


Key Lessons Learned:

● Having a mentor gives you an edge and accelerates your learning.
● Mentors offer a separate perspective that you can’t see yourself.
● Find mentors that have done things you want to do.
● Mentors are a role model for what you want to achieve.

Direct Response Marketing

● Essentially, marketing by the numbers. Very different from branding.
● Focuses on getting people’s names in your database.
● Test, measure, and duplicate what’s working.
● Image ads help solidify your position once you have market share.
● Focus on your message around your market’s needs, pains, and wants.
● Use emotional language to elicit an emotional response.


● If the message brings results, don’t change it.
● Trial and error is important, start small and tweak until your message resonates.
● Don’t give up on a message too soon, give it time to sink in.

Systems Building

● Systems lead to time freedom.
● Involves testing what works and what doesn’t over time.
● Building a system requires feedback and an understanding of the important numbers.
● Systems allow you to delegate, they are a codified way of running your business that allows you to be hands off.
● Systems are about optimizing, automating, and outsourcing, in that order.
● Figure out your end goal, map out the path that a system would create for you to achieve that.
● Systems require constant adjustments to make sure they are still on track.
● Focus on the output but remember to take the steps in order.

Business Growth

● Identify the resistance that is holding you back. Beliefs that are limiting you.
● Identify the problems you will run into and the solutions you will use.
● Write out your plan for the problems you identified, then execute.

Limiting Beliefs

● Identify the feelings and emotions you have around your success at something.
● Eliminate negative self talk, you are your own worst critic.
● Failure and success come together.
● Find a way to enjoy your journey and not just the destination.
● Think of failure as data, don’t take it personally.


● Podcasts are a great opportunity for self learning.
● Producing a podcast can be a lot of work.
● It helps to have a team you can rely on.
● Makes you a better leader, communicator, and listener.
● If you planning your follow up response, you’re not really listening.

The Future

● It’s important to really know your market.
● Understand deeply what your market wants and needs.
● Don’t get distracted by new tools and gadgets.
● Keep things simple, focus on what works.

Final Tips

● Focus on the output.
● Make sure you have great mentors around you.
● Market by the numbers, test, track, and duplicate.
● Understand your market’s hot buttons.
● Test small, then go big.

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