The Plumber Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Business

Marketing a plumbing business is hard work.

And if you get it wrong, the business will crash and burn.

These are the plumber marketing mistakes that you have to avoid.


Customers are the lifeblood of any business.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, if you have no customers then you have no business.

As a plumber, you face a never-ending battle to pull in leads. You’ve got competition coming from all directions and you have to fight constantly to get ahead.

Your plumbing business marketing plan is the key here.

So why don’t you even have one?

Why are you just happy with a couple of directory listings and a bit of word of mouth?

That might sustain you for a while. But it’s not going to help you grow and you’re opening the door for your competition to blow past you.

You’re killing your business and you don’t even know it.

Your marketing mistakes will cause you to stall out. And having no clients means you lose your A-players and end up with an awful culture.

I want to make sure your business doesn’t end up dead and buried before you even know what hit it. That’s why I’m sharing these four plumber marketing mistakes that you’ve got to avoid.


Mistake #1 – Your Brand is Super Weak

I get it. You’re a plumber so it should just be all about the job you do. You don’t need a brand. You just need to deliver an awesome service that gets people to share your details with their friends.

That’s okay if you want to run a little mom and pop business.

But relying on that alone isn’t going to help you grow. That’s what Warrior Mike Matheny found out the hard way.

  • Before coming to CEO Warrior, Mike Matheny ran a fairly successful plumbing business. He thought everything was okay, at least. But he’d hit a roadblock with his recruiting marketing.
  • The A-players weren’t looking to join his team and he had no idea why. His branding played a huge part in that. Before joining CEO Warrior, he just ran another faceless plumbing company. His team got the job done but nobody really cared. 
  • Now, he runs Service Olympian. How awesome does that sound? A huge rebranding established Mike’s company as the “Best Brand in the Service World”. That got people talking and the business has tripled its revenue to $2.4 million.

So many owners don’t build branding into their plumbing marketing business plan. I get why too. It costs a lot of time and energy to build a brand.

But here’s why failing to brand is one of the biggest plumber marketing mistakes. When you have a strong brand, you put yourself front of mind for clients.

They remember you and they’re going to come to you when they need help.

Best of all, you lower your marketing costs because of it.


Mistake #2 – People Don’t See Your Marketing Enough

Maybe you have a bunch of marketing materials. You’ve even got a website and a social media page.

Clients should be flocking to you, right?

But they’re not and it’s because you’re making some classic plumber marketing mistakes.

You’re happy with the one and done. You’re focusing too much on spread rather than reinforcing the message.

Here’s the simple fact.

People need to see your marketing messages more than once. If you’re not hammering them over the head with how awesome you are, they’re going to forget about you.

Instead, they’re going to remember the guy who does keep reminding them of who they are.

That’s the problem that Glenn Dickey ran into.

  • Before he became a Warrior, Glenn Dickey had just bought his plumbing business.
  • And he had no idea how he was going to generate the leads that would make the business thrive. That meant his people weren’t busy, which opened the door for a bad culture to spread in his business.
  • Once he got a solid plumbing business marketing plan in place, things started to transform. The customers kept on coming and Glenn’s business has almost doubled its revenue.

Here’s the key.

Don’t try to spread your message as far and wide as possible. You’re just not going to hit enough people.

Instead, focus on a smaller area and keep sending the message. Drill it into people’s heads and they’ll remember you.

And if they remember you, they’ll come to you when they need what you’re offering.


Mistake #3 – You’re Stuck with the Same Mindset

Where is your mind?

I’m not quoting a Pixies song here. I’m asking a genuine question.

Your mindset is crucial if you’re going to avoid the plumber marketing mistakes that sink businesses. You’ve got to overcome that little voice that keeps telling you that you can’t do something.

Remember Glenn Dickey? Mindset was a major issue for him. He was stuck in the doldrums and had no idea what to do next.
Joining CEO Warrior gave him access to a huge community of people who’d transformed their mindsets. Just working with people who had similar goals helped him out. He transformed his mindset and got himself focused on the tasks he needed to do.

What was one of the most important of those tasks?

Marketing. It was a major problem for Glenn because he just didn’t have the right mindset to focus on it.

His mindset transformation opened up a whole new world of marketing possibilities.

The point’s simple. You can’t make changes in your business if you’re not ready to make changes in your mind. You’ve got to make a plumbing business marketing plan and commit to it.

You can’t just keep doing the same old things and hoping they’ll work out.

If you don’t think differently, you’re not going to take actions. It’s about mind growth. You’ve got to transform the way you think and start taking action on all the concepts you’ve got floating around in your brain.


Mistake #4 – You’re Not Leveraging Your Online Presence

This is a massive mistake that I see tons of plumbers, and others in the service industries, making.

You’re just giving lip service to the idea of online marketing.

You’ve probably built a website. It doesn’t look great, it barely cost you anything, and it’s not getting leads.

But it’s there.

You’ve probably got social media pages too. Sure, you barely visit them. You’re not sharing content and you’re not answering questions. And you’re not telling people to share your social media pages.

You can see the problems here, right?

What’s the point of having all of that stuff if you’re not going to commit to it?

Failing to leverage your online presence is one of the biggest plumber marketing mistakes and here’s why.

Your website and social media are your storefront. It’s the 21st century, people. Customers aren’t coming to you to find out more about you.

They’re going online to learn as much as they can before they even think about picking up the phone.

If your website looks like crap, you’re telling these people one thing:

You’re unprofessional.

Let’s come back to the storefront analogy again. Where are you going to shop? The store that has the pristine sign and manicured frontage? Or the store where the sign’s barely clinging to the wall and the building looks like a bomb’s hit it?

Of course you’re going to go for the first one. The second one looks sketchy as hell.

Apply that same line of thinking to your website and social media presence. Make it look the part so that it’s an actual reflection of how awesome your business is.

Get your site redesigned and start interacting with people on social media. Do some upkeep!



The Takeaway

It’s a new age of marketing for the service industry and you’ve got to get on board.

These plumber marketing mistakes result in your business being just like everybody else. No-one’s going to remember you so you’re never going to grow.

But that’s also the best part. Most of your competitors are making these mistakes as well. That means you can get ahead of them if you just build the fixes to these mistakes into your plumbing business marketing plan.

That means you’ve got to change the way you think. You need mind growth that’s going to lead to you taking action.

Focus your message and make sure people keep hearing it. Get your online presence up to scratch and build a brand.

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