There’s no bigger success killer than fear. Learn how to stop it from holding you back once and for all.

What decides failure and success in the service business?

It’s the same thing that impacts your relationships, career, and all other aspects of life:


You’ve heard that running a successful business is all about your mindset. But if you truly want to make it out there, you need to dig deeper. 

Yes, mindset matters. But deep-rooted fears can easily poison a winner’s mindset.

The good news is that you get to decide if fear is going to have control over you and prevent your success. Overcoming business fears is not only possible but much easier than you think.

And once you do this, you can increase your success and wealth 10x.

There are a few simple methods and mindset shifts that can help you get rid of all fears.

Let’s get into it!

1. Take Charge of Your Destiny

Are you waiting for greatness to come knocking at your door?

If so, you’ll be waiting forever.

It’s so easy to live a complacent, half-assed life. But true success takes action! It involves stepping up your game and chasing after the life that you deserve.

Is this a hard thing to do? Yes!

But what other choice do you have?

Everything about your life is in your hands! You were born to fight for what you want – it’s in your DNA.

Whether you want to be a better husband, father, or business owner, it’s all up to you. So, are you going to keep making excuses? Or will you step up and do the work that will take you to greatness?

The choice is obvious. And you need to make it right now.

2. Embrace Your Personal Power

When it comes to overcoming business fears, or any other fear for that matter, there’s one question that you need to ask:

Why are you afraid?

Now, you can come up with all sorts of answers. But there’s only one reason why people are afraid to take their life and business to the next level:

It’s because they don’t understand their power.

You can’t be both powerful and afraid at the same time. Why waste all of that incredible power within you and allow fear to take control?

To embrace your power, you must have three things: clarity, alignment, and accountability.

You need to know exactly what you want from your life and business. Then, align your actions with that vision. And because nobody will do it for you, you must hold yourself accountable for each of those actions.

This goes for every aspect of your life.

Don’t want to spend time with someone? Remove them from your life! 

Want more hot leads? Step up your marketing!

For everything that you want, there’s an action that can take you there. And you have the power to take it.

3. Challenge the Norms

So many people live by the rules that others created.

“You need 8h of sleep every night…” 

“You need to do X and Y to succeed…”

How do you plan on achieving greatness if you keep doing things the same way as everybody else?

Norms create mediocrity. They give you a standard that you blindly follow. And if everyone follows the same standards, who will stand out?

If you want to be that person, which should be your goal, you’ll have to start challenging the norms and rules followed by everyone. This is the only way to rise above the crowd and be as successful as you want to be.

So, what’s keeping you back?

Fear, of course.

So many people are afraid to create their own path. After all, it’s much easier to follow in someone’s footsteps.

But guess what?

That won’t make you successful.

At best, you can expect to pick up a few crumbs that those who created that path left behind. But you deserve so much more than crumbs.

If you agree, you’ll have to challenge norms and start to do things your way. 

4. Start Executing Your Ideas

Planning is critical if you want to succeed.

But what happens if you do too much planning?

Likely, you’ll be doing mostly planning and little else.

Overthinking is a clear sign that fear has taken over. You’re so afraid to mess things up that you don’t even start.

You’ll have a bunch of plans and ideas in your head, but they only paralyze you.

The only antidote to this is to get out there and take action. 

Sure, not all of your ideas will work out and many of them might fail. But that’s fine.

You wouldn’t know if your idea is promising if you don’t execute it. How are you going to fix the mistakes that you’ll inevitably make if you refrain from taking action?

Most importantly, how will you achieve success?

You need to stop thinking and start getting things done. Experiment, mess up, fix what doesn’t work – just do something.

5. Don’t Run from Resistance

As soon as you start to achieve something great, you’ll run into resistance. It’s just how things work. The problem is, most people run from this resistance.

Going through with something is hard. It’s much easier to step back into comfort.

But that’s not how you handle resistance.

If you don’t ever push through, you don’t build muscle. You’ll experience atrophy soon enough.

Stop fearing pain and hardship. It’s necessary to cross this threshold if you want to come away as a winner.

Take Back the Power

If there’s anything about your life that isn’t as good as you want it to be, it means fear still has power over you.

It’s time to stop feeding your fears and starve them. Use the power that fears have been sapping and start getting things done.

Success in the service business isn’t about being careful or thinking things through. It’s about having an idea and executing it to find out how things unfold. You’ll emerge out of the trial-and-error phase to create the life you deserve.

But you’ve got to make a start.

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