Robbing Your Time

Mike Agugliaro talks about the number one issue robbing you of your time and how to get that time back. He also breaks down the tools you need to understand time management and the keys to execution.

Key Lessons Learned:

Time Management

  • A lot of people are just winging their life and their business today.
  • Not having an agenda for your tasks or your life will lead you to miss certain things, some of which could be very important.
  • What can you knock out now to free up time tomorrow?
  • You need some breathing room in your agenda, some time set aside for reflection and further planning as well as taking advantage of opportunities that come up.
  • Fancy notebooks and calendars are not always the answer for time management, sometimes what you need is a basic legal pad. The medium doesn’t matter, as long as it works for you.
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing tasks and create momentum to keep progressing forward. Whenever you complete something, reevaluate your list and ask if the next item is the most important thing on the list.
  • When you start with a list, you start with a plan.
  • Rewriting your list is essentially course correcting.
  • The list you use today does not have to be the list you use forever. You can always use a new system in the future when it makes sense. Don’t force the method, try it on and see how it works.
  • When you evolve, your systems evolve.

Simplicity and Execution

  • Talk about things in a way that doesn’t exaggerate, inflate, or over communicate. We waste a lot of time by not blocking things that don’t move the needle.
  • We overcomplicate our lives, you don’t need the next perfect app to make progress. We tend to feel like there is always something better, so we never master what we have. Just pick something and work with it as long as it brings you results.
  • Stretching without the ability to self coach is a real problem.
  • Ask yourself each day “what went really well today?”,”what didn’t go as planned?”,and ”what will I do different tomorrow?”. Seek answers yourself first and when you need help, ask for it. Never stop executing and making progress.

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