Option 1:

The Secrets of Business Mastery





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Discover powerful secrets like:

 * Mike’s transformational approach to service (this is a game-changer) and how it brings in a flood of higher-paying customers.

* The exact step-by-step market domination strategies (and Mike’s proprietary checklist) to massively increase the effectiveness of every marketing campaign.

* A surprising new way to approach your finances to make more money and put more profit in your pocket.

* His time-saving way to find the best employees, and the technologies he uses to empower his team.

* Plus hundreds of other proven strategies and actions to implement into your business immediately.

Option 2:

Option 1 PLUS
Secrets of Leadership Mastery




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Mastering leadership is one of the best ways to improve your team, your business, and even the level of service you provide to your customers.

In Secrets Of Leadership Mastery, you’ll discover 22 powerful keys to help you create a culture where you build and lead a hardworking team of superstars, inspire them to give their very best, and generate measurable results.

Whether you’re a new leader or a seasoned one, you’ll see dramatic growth in your team and your business by applying these 22 keys.

When you lead, you inspire. When you inspire, you serve. When you serve, you succeed.” – Mike Agugliaro.


Option 3:

Option 1 AND 2 PLUS 
Secrets of Communication Mastery




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Mastering communication transforms your speaking and listening into powerful tools that will help you connect with everyone around and will elevate your personal and professional relationships.

In Secrets Of Communication Mastery, you’ll discover 18 laser-focused tactics that will help you truly understand those you’re communicating with, instantly build rapport and trust, and even “read people’s minds” to know what they’re really thinking. We all communicate. We can all learn to communicate more effectively.

When you do, you’ll see instant results in every personal and professional relationship.

"True communication comes from a mindset of trust and service. True communication can fast-track your relationships and your success." -Mike Agugliaro