Hey, Mike Agugliaro again, another episode of CEO Warrior TV, bringing you another fast-track concept in strategy. Today's about tracking. A lot of people are like, oh, track your results and have software and track this. But I've got to tell you something. A lot of times I see people that are tracking, but they're either tracking the wrong stuff or they're not even tracking it properly all the time. I'm going to look at just one fundamental because you guys know my big life is like, what business are you in? Go ahead yell it out. No. That's wrong. Did you say customer satisfaction? No. That's wrong. Did you say plumbing? No. That's wrong. You're in the business of marketing.

Let's just talk about the tracking and the understanding of just marketing. Look, if you put a budget on marketing … let's say it's 10% and you're not tracking that, and at the end of the year … this happened to me one year … the end of the year is like, oh, man I budgeted 10%, and I came in at 8. Yeah, boom. But see, the thing was I came in at 8. I didn't hit the target I wanted to hit. It's probably because I did spend the extra 2% of marketing. Look, you have to track it properly. You have to look at it, and then you've got to make adjustments on it. When I take my total marketing budget, I'm watching that not only month by month. If I start falling behind where I'm not using it, I'm looking for the very best vehicle to use it in.

Also there's tracking of customer satisfaction. If you just are doing these happy calls and you think that your tracking mechanism is a customer says, yeah, we're happy, well, no, that's bad. I mean you need a detailed number. You need something that's going to give you an accurate number. Because if you're not measuring it in real time with real measurements that are accurate, then you're going to get somewhere, you're just probably not going to get where you want to get or where you want to go. Be sure that there's tracking but you're properly tracking. Challenge the numbers; dig in a little bit and see what they look like and then make adjustments. A lot of value in that one especially if you start thinking of all the things that either you're not tracking or you may not be tracking properly.

The last thing is who understands the tracking. Because if you're tracking … a lot of people are like, oh, yeah, I could go on my system; I could tell you all the numbers. I'm like, cool. Let's ask your customer service reps. What numbers do they know? They're like, well, I never reviewed anything with them. If you don't give them numbers and then your parts runners don't have number and then your dispatchers don't have … if they don't know the thermometer … they don't know the speedometer, the gauge … they don't understand the numbers, well, good job that you know them. But they don't have any information to make their own decisions by. They need to know when it's time to speed up or make more strategic decisions.

I'm Mike Agugliaro. I'm wishing you a better than great day today and every day. I want to help you get to massive wealth, tons of freedom market domination. See you in the next episode.