June 27th

at 1:00 pm Pacific, 4:00 pm Eastern

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Here are some amazing strategies you will learn:

  • 3 fast-to-implement ideas that will get more customers coming to you right away ... without a huge increase to your marketing system or spending a tone of money.
  • Discover the hidden link between marketing and service that can turn your business into a lead-magnet that puts the competition to shame.
  • Find out the ONE thing to improve your customer relationships that will massively accelerate how much you sell to them, have them bragging about you and get more referrals than ever before! (Bonus: it's simple for your team to do and they'll love it.)
  • The 3 reasons why referral "programs" fail - there is no "magic" to a good referral (and repeat business) marketing program, and the 4 things and yours will be successful.
  • A proven 5-step action plan for multiplying your best customers so you won't have to rely on "luck" or accident to get more referrals and repeat business from your best customers.
  • A simple technique, "borrowed" from another industry that is super easy to implement that has the potential of adding thousands of dollars to your bottom line every month.