How I Used Martial Arts to Succeed In My Service Business



Along with my business partner, I built a $32+ million/year service business

thanks to my martial arts training.

These are some of the lessons that you can use today to achieve service business mastery.


Why can I help you to achieve service business mastery?

I did it!

With Gold Medal Service, my business partner and I built an awesome service business from the ground up. When it was acquired in 2017, it was a $32 million/year business with 165 trucks and 200 employees. We generated $200 million in ten years.

Now, I want you to reach that same level of service business mastery. I’ve coached hundreds of business owners to turn their companies into wealth-building machines. Whether it’s clients in the US, Canada, or Australia, my service business lessons have helped people make millions.

If you work with the CEO Warrior service business coaches, you’ll learn plenty of the lessons that I teach. But with this article, I want to focus on one key secret to my success.

I’m a black belt martial artist. In fact, I’ve studied martial arts for over three decades.

Why does that matter to your service business?

The lessons I’ve learned as a martial artist transcend combat. Martial arts taught me the secrets to service business success. And here, I’m going to share a couple of the key lessons with you.


Service Business Lesson #1 – Your Passion Make You Stronger

Passion is such an important driver for service business mastery. I’m lucky because I have a ton of different passions. My wife and children are my biggest driving force. They push me to be better every single day and everything I do is for them.

They’re massive motivators.

But it’s martial arts that first taught me the importance of passion in achieving success.

A black belt doesn’t come easy. It requires thousands upon thousands of hours of training to achieve. There’s a huge level of dedication needed, which is why most people don’t get to that level.

You need passion and love for your martial art to reach the pinnacle of it.

The same goes for running a service business. You’ve got to absolutely love what you do. Coming into the office can’t feel like a chore to you. If it does, either something’s gone wrong or you’re in the wrong line of work.

For most of the people I work with, it’s the former.

Passion disappears when your business starts to slip out of your control. You need to reignite that passion to make the changes that your business needs.

Getting a black belt wasn’t easy. But it was my passion that got me over the obstacles standing in my way.

I applied that same passion for martial arts to my business.



Service Business Lesson #2: You Can’t Build a Business without Discipline

Martial arts are all about discipline.

The same goes for running a service business. Both require inner and outer mastery if you’re going to reach the pinnacle. And that means recognizing the areas that you need to remain disciplined in at all times.

In my book, The Secrets of Business Mastery, I talk about 12 areas that a service business owner needs to master:

  1. Yourself
  2. Your relationships
  3. Your health
  4. Time
  5. The business
  6. Your numbers
  7. Marketing and sales
  8. Money
  9. Culture and team
  10. Service
  11. Systems
  12. Your future

The first four cover your inner mastery. The other eight cover your outer mastery.

It’s the inner mastery that’s important here. Martial arts taught me that real change starts from the inside and flows out into everything that you do.

It all starts with focusing on yourself. What do you dream about? Who do you aspire to be? And what do you need to do to reach that point? If you’re not achieving service business success, it’s likely that you need to answer those questions.

Through martial arts, I learned about the power of meditation. Sit down and think about these questions. Get some clear answers in your mind and write them down.

Then, commit to achieving what you need to do to be the person you want to be.

That’s discipline. It’s the ability to decide on a course and stay on it.

Your relationships, health, and time mastery all flow from mastering yourself. When you know who you are, you understand what you need to pour into each of these areas as well.

Take relationships as an example. If you haven’t achieved self-mastery, you can’t give everything that you need to give to a relationship. That means you lose focus on the relationship because you’re still trying to figure yourself out.

You lack discipline.

The same goes for your health. You’ve got to stay disciplined to understand your health is a priority. Yet, so many service business owners get so wrapped up in their work that they lose sight of their health.

Once you achieve inner mastery, you can focus on aligning all of the external stuff to it. Martial arts taught me to align the inner and outer to achieve a singular purpose.

That’s the very definition of discipline.

And you can’t achieve service business mastery until you achieve that alignment.


Service Business Lesson #3: Know a Few Punches, Know Them Very Well

I love martial arts movies. I’m sure a lot of you do too. All of that flashy, high-flying stuff makes for great cinema.

But what you see in the movies and what you apply in real life as a martial artist are two very different things.

A key principle in martial arts is that the most efficient way to achieve a result is the best way.

Sure, I could try to somersault three times before landing a spin kick to your head. But why would I do that when one quick punch achieves the same result?

Well…the one punch will achieve a better result because I’m either going to miss the kick or fall over on the way to you.

The rise of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) showcases what I mean here. Before the likes of the UFC came along, millions of people thought that the martial arts in the movies were effective in a real fight.

Then, MMA came along and showed us that a mixture of the most efficient techniques from different arts worked best.

It’s about the efficiency of purpose.

When it comes to service business mastery, efficiency is key in every department. For example, think about your marketing strategy. Maybe it's bloated with so many techniques that aren’t helping you to make money.

It’s better to focus on two or three marketing techniques that work than it is to spread your focus across dozens.

Somebody who gets a black belt doesn’t get it because they’re learned 10,000 different punches. They’ve learned how to do a few punches really well.

That perfectly mirrors what I do to achieve service business success. And it’s the same thing that I teach with CEO Warrior. It’s about mastering a few specific things rather than trying to do it all.

Focused execution gives you clarity of purpose within your service business. You’re able to focus on a couple of things and give them everything you’ve got.

And this bleeds over into the discipline side of things. It’s impossible to stay disciplined when you’re getting pulled in 10,000 different directions with your business.



Service Business Lesson #4 – Keep Leveling-Up

I trained for thousands of hours to achieve my black belt. In my mind, once I got it I’d be at the pinnacle.

After years, I achieved my goal.

And when my sensei handed my black belt to me, he said: “Now your training can begin.”

What did he mean? I’d spent all of this time training just to get to this point.

I meditated on what he said and came to a realization. When you achieve a level that you think is “mastery”, you’re really just breaking past your current level. There’s a higher level that you’re just starting once you get there.

In my martial arts training, everything that I did to earn my black belt was preparation. There’s a whole world of learning after that.

It’s the same for a service business. I’ll teach a client how to grow from one level to another. Maybe your goal is to scale to $5 million a year, for example.

You haven’t attained service business mastery when you hit that goal. You’ve mastered the level that you’re at and it’s time to start a new level.

The key lesson is that you’re never done with your learning. There are always limitations to break through and new things to discover or create.


Level Up Your Service Business Today

The martial arts have given me so much.

They’ve provided me with one of the great passions in my life. And they’ve taught me lessons that I’ve taken with me into every other aspect of my life. Thanks to martial arts, I’m a better person and a better business owner.

I’m ready to make you a master in your service business.

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