Limiting Beliefs Are Holding You Back From Success And Higher Achievement, Use This Strategy To Help You Break Through And Finally Achieve Your Goals

Imagine struggling for a decade – working 24/7 and very nearly broke. What would you do in that situation?

That’s exactly the situation that my business partner and I faced in the first decade of our service business. We almost had to shut the business down! But something changed and we ended up turning things around and building up a business that now makes more than $30 million a year.

Not surprisingly, the question we’re often asked is, “WHAT CHANGED?”

The Surprising Turning Point In My Business

People want to know what that one turning point was that really got the ship turned and headed in the right direction.

Well, certainly there were several factors like our education and mentors, an investment into ourselves, a focus on building the right kind of business, and more.

But the biggest change happened the moment Rob and I said, “Maybe we don’t have to shut the business down. Maybe we can fix it.”

That might seem like a small thing to you but I can tell you it was PROFOUND. That was the turning point when we DECIDED that there was an option and we BELIEVED that we had a different way that would work for us.

You see, for the first ten years of our business, having only seen other struggling service companies working a certain way, we had formed a set of beliefs about our business and how it should be run. Those beliefs included:

  • Business should be hard
  • You should struggle; it shouldn’t be easy
  • You need to work 24/7
  • You shouldn’t enjoy your work
  • Success takes a long, long time
  • Your business comes first and everything else (including family) comes second

Those were our unconscious beliefs about our business. They were shaped by what we observed about other businesses and those beliefs determined how we viewed our own business (and it obviously also impacted our lives).

Beliefs Shape You

That’s what beliefs do. They determine the shape of your business and life. Positive beliefs create a positive and successful and expansive business and life; negative beliefs create a negative, struggling, and restrictive business and life.

Think of your life as if it were a house… the walls and roof are your beliefs. Those beliefs determine the shape and size of your house. Negative beliefs will create a small, dark, closed-in house; positive beliefs can create a huge, expansive, bright, and welcoming house.

I like what Henry Ford has to day about this: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you’re right.”

He’s talking about beliefs. Your belief that you can do something will allow you to do it; your belief that you can’t do something will keep you from doing it. In my service business, the first decade was a struggle because I didn’t think my business could be any different; later, I changed my belief and suddenly expanded my business.

What Are Your “Walls”?

You have beliefs about everything. From business to relationships, from religion to money, from politics to health, from how you spend your free time to what you eat for breakfast in the morning… EVERYTHING we do in life is determined by our beliefs.

Most of these beliefs are created very early in life, often from family and teachers (and sometimes from friends and the media). A couple classic examples include:

Our parents’ relationship with each other will usually set up a series of beliefs for us about our relationships with future partners – either we’ll want to emulate our parents, or we’ll want to be the opposite of our parents, but most likely their relationship will in some way unconsciously guide and inform ours.
Our parents’ and teachers’ instructions about money will often get us to think about money in a specific way for years to come – for example, we’re often told as children that money doesn’t grow on trees. (I disagree with this and specifically explain why in my book The Secrets of Business Mastery.)

Once these are created, they unconsciously guide us daily, just as the walls of your house silently create the shape of your home without you giving them a second thought.

And for most people, they live their lives with these beliefs – often LIMITING beliefs – that keep them from living the life they want to live.

In fact, many people end up frustrated, broke, struggling, and even angry because they aren’t living the life they want to live and they don’t know why (and they don’t even realize that it’s all because they have beliefs in their heads from when they were young that are causing them to think this way.)

Break Down Those Walls

What if you could change the walls of your house? What would you do? Probably you’d break them down and then build – build up and build out for a bigger, more expansive house.

The same thing is true for your beliefs. You do not have to live with these limiting beliefs! Instead, you can change your thinking and start living a life that is as positive, successful, and expansive as you want… and achieve the same kind of turnaround and transformation in your life and business that Rob and I saw when we changed our beliefs about our business!

It starts by stating what your limiting beliefs are. (This is hard because we don’t always know what they are – but work at it and think about the beliefs you have about certain things.)

Example: it took Rob and I a while to figure out what our limiting beliefs were about our business… but we finally did!

Once you’ve stated a limiting belief, DESTROY IT. Seriously, just shred it. (That’s what we do at my Warrior Fast Track Academy events in one of the most powerful exercises we do!)

Example: Rob and I decided that we weren’t going to struggle in business anymore.

Then, create a new belief. A powerful, positive, expansive belief that replaces the old one. (Hint: you have to truly BELIEVE this with every single cell in your body.)

Example: Rob and I decided that we had the power and could get the knowledge to turn things around.

And, you’ll also need to support it and take action on it.

Example: Rob and I invested in our education and constantly took action to apply that education.

Do This Daily

Our entire lives are determined by our beliefs and, while many of them are positive (or at least well-intentioned) MANY of our beliefs limit us. Make it a daily exercise to destroy your limiting beliefs and create better enabling and empowering beliefs for a more powerful “Warrior Life”.

Break down those walls daily and expand the house of your life.

As Henry For told us, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you’re right.”

… so maybe it’s time to start thinking that you can.