April 14

at 12 pm Pacific, 3 pm Eastern

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Here's what you'll learn...

  • Find out if you've been marketing "the broken way" (hint, it's the way that MOST people are marketing for leads) and get the specific steps to start marketing more effectively.

  • Discover who your truly BEST customers are and find out how to get more of them (while ignoring the rest... let your competitors have the worst ones!).

  • Tap into the "hidden" source of leads that very few businesses are effectively accessing right now (there is SO MUCH MONEY in this source of leas, it will change the game for you).
  • Learn how I use a simple checklist to take my lead generation to a level that most people only dream about!


  • BONUS: Learn to accelerate your marketing AND automate it with a few simple tricks, so that you have more customers flooding into your business daily while you actually spend LESS time on lead generation than ever before.