I'm hanging up my tool pouch, and I'm going to start working on the company, instead of in the company, and I feel really blessed to have found the right person to show me how to do that, without having learned a bunch of wrong stuff first.

If you want to grow your business, and if you want to maintain a lifestyle instead of getting driven into the ground, definitely consider this, definitely do it, it's an investment in your future, and if you care about yourself and your family, and the people in your company, do this. Don't hesitate.

Only the future can tell what value this will come from, and I do realize now it's based on my actions, and not necessarily on what I spent, but what I do with what I learned here. I feel like the sky is the limit, there is no limit to this. That's the beauty of what Mike teaches us, how to think outside the box, how to go to the boundaries that are unreachable, or seem unreachable, which really are not, and that was one of the big things I learned here. There is no goal that is unreachable.

The biggest thing that I've learned so far is that Mike is in touch with the future of running a business in a digital world and I was not. I need to make the changes to get in line with the now and the future of doing business in a digital world.