At CEO Warrior, we’re counting down to Christmas with some amazing gifts to you. Here’s a gift for today—three days before Christmas. (Plus I have another gift for you in the PS!)

While running her service business, Denise walked into her call center one day and overheard a team member say something to a customer that was totally wrong. They lost the customer…

… but was it the employee’s fault? No, Denise admits it was her fault for not educating her team. (Watch the video here when Denise tells the story)

Denise learned many lessons and grew several very successful home service companies, which is why she is a Master Advisor with CEO Warrior today.

In this video, she shares a powerful strategy that every service business should implement today…

It’s a Resource Guide that should be on every desk in your company.

It will solve MANY problems at your company, it will make on-boarding easier, and it will help all your employees stay on the same page with changes and updates to your company.

A Resource Guide is SO easy to put together (you could put it together in just a few hours with the help of your managers and you’ll notice a difference right away). In this video, which is an excerpt from a recent Service Business Edge, Denise walks you through the Resource Guide and tells you exactly what should be in it, and why.

Be sure to watch the video right now and put this strategy in action before the end of the year.


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