November 29th

at 4:00 pm Pacific, 7:00 pm Eastern

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Check out some of the strategies  you will learn ...

  • Discover creative advertising strategies that really set YOUR business apart from competitors (hint: they leverage the way your customers think about promotions)
  • Motivate your customers to purchase today - put a stop to objections like "I'll have to think about it"
  • Increase your close percentages... and do it WITHOUT dropping prices or offering discounts (plus this is something your sales team can really get behind)
  • Discover the call-to-action secret that taps into a hidden part of the customer's brain to get them saying "yes" to your sales team
  • Dramatically increase the value of your offer to stand apart from the competition... and even charge more!
  • Reduce cancelled orders to keep your team fully booked
  • Get more profitable quickly with this one simple addition to your existing process