December 13th

at 2:00 pm Pacific, 5:00 pm Eastern

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You will find out how to...

  • Get the “employee magnet” strategy that consistently attracts A-players into your business (apply this simple shift to your existing recruiting for a dramatic improvement in who you hire).
  • Unlock the secret code to stronger marketing that brings in more leads at a lower cost and uses the power of leverage (hint: most service businesses do the opposite, with disappointing results).
  • Flood your bank account with new revenue when you hear this surprisingly simple closing technique that works like gangbusters – train your whole team and see their close rates skyrocket.
  • Get the six changes you should make in your business right now to make 2017 measurably more profitable (you’ve probably heard of 2 or 3 of these but deploy all 6 to maximize your profit in the coming months).