What you know about recruiting and hiring new employees is wrong. It’s not your dad’s job market anymore. By 2025, 75% of workers in the home services industry will be millennials. If you keep recruiting new employees using old fashioned techniques, like job postings in the newspaper and a handful of one-on-one interviews, you will increasingly make bad hires and be stuck with poor-performing employees. Developing your work culture by design rather than by default starts right here in the hiring process. Instead of job postings and interviews, let me tell you about the better alternatives that we have used to recruit the best people and grow our business.

Instead of posting job ads when you have openings, actively recruit all the time.

Join the Team – Live your life as a winner!” That’s what the front of our recruiting business card said. On the back we listed some of the benefits of working at our company. We handed them out everywhere. If one of us met a particularly good server at a restaurant, we would tell them they were doing a good job and give them a card and say, “Hey, if you know anyone looking for the opportunity of a lifetime, even if that is you, could you get them to reach out?” Boom! Just like that, we would get the word out that we were hiring talented people.

If you’re actively recruiting all the time, you won’t have any trouble filling a role when it opens up. But if you wait until you have an opening, then doing a job posting and collecting resumes, you’re stuck hiring the best person who applied and that’s often not the best person for the job! Rethink hiring. Even if you don’t have an opening, meet potential recruits, giving them the card and create a pool of candidates. Plus if you happen to run into a superstar plumber or electrician, hire them right away instead of waiting for an opening (because of the value they’ll bring to the business). When you have an opening, you will have a candidate (or two or more) waiting.

Encourage referrals from employees. Most technicians know at least five other good techs. Why not encourage interviewees to give you a name or two of others they know who could be interested in working for the best home services company?

Include a link (on the recruiting card) to a landing page. Once there, visitors can find out about any open positions and check out the benefits of working at your company. The landing page is designed to convert prospects into candidates by having them sign up for a hiring group interview.

Instead of one-on-one job interviews, hold a hiring group video meeting.

Why waste your time going through resumes and interviewing the top candidates one-on-one? Interview 25 to 50 people in an hour. Use Zoom to hold a hiring group video meeting. Tell them all about your company, where you’re going, and what you’re looking for and what you’re not looking for in an employee. Then, ask them if they’re the right person. Look for the most engaged, the most interested, and the best fit for your organization—you will find them!


It’s not difficult to change from outdated hiring practices and actively recruit all the time. You’ll find much better prospects and when you hold a hiring group meeting you’ll be able to narrow it down to the best of the best. You’ll be improving your work culture with every hire.

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