Is your Service Company Ruining your Life?
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Mike Agugliaro has a ton of resources for any service company, available internationally. These resources include webinars, tele-classes, to one on one business coaching services, all available for business owners to take advantage of.

But why listen to Mike and what he has to say? Because Mike is the co-owner of Gold Medal Service, a service company he helped go from making less than $1 Million a year, to making more than $28 million a year.

Over that past couple of years Mike has fine-tuned his coaching strategy to share to you how to do the same to your business. Mike has held virtual events on hiring, adding a new trade line, secret strategies to grow your  business and more!

Mike wants you to gain the knowledge you need a take action so you can attain massive wealth, gain tons of freedom and market domination!

Upcoming Events:

My Little Secret To Get Way More Sales

Join me on the next LIVE Online Training sessions, Tuesday May 30th at 4 pm EST. I’ll be sharing how to harness the cutting edge marketing strategy that is changing the game for service businesses (test messaging).

Here are some cutting edge strategies that you’ll learn:

  • 98% of text messages are seen withing the first 3 minutes of sending them – there simply is no other marketing strategy that has THAT kind of open rate!
  • More sales, more money per sale, and more repeated sales – discover how to harness the latest trend to generate WAY more sales (and all kinds of other benefits, too).
  • Get the industry insider’s information that NO ONE ELSE is sharing, and get in on the bottom floor (because this trend is growing fast and will continue to grow).
  • It’s perfect to get more first-time sales AND to address client retention too. I use it both ways in my business.

And much, much more! Don’t miss it!




Creating Growth and Alignment With Your Team

What you will learn:

  • The number one reason your business isn’t growing.
  • The solution.
  • The steps to design the culture you want, so your team will help you grow your business.



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