Your employees can make or break your business. Hiring new talent is one of the hardest jobs a business owner has. Narrowing down a pool of applicants can feel overwhelmingly.

The expansion of my $23 million service business, Gold Medal Service, had a lot to do with the quality of my employees. Your employees set the standard, and are usually the first interaction a customer has with your company, so it’s important that it is a good one

I’ve outlined some ways to ensure that you hire great talent, every time.

  • Spend the Money: You may get some decent resumes from free employment advertising services, but if you want to get the best you’re going to have to spend the money. By using services like LinkedIn, Monster and Indeed, you are able to attract and target some of the best talent in your industry. You can’t put a price on great employees, so make the investment to find them.
  • Pre-Screen: Always interview potential hires on the phone first. These conversations will help to narrow down the talent pool, and then you can bring the best in for the job. Ask candidates to rank their abilities on a sliding scale. You can use this information to better understand the actual skill level of the employee.
  • References: There is no better resource for understanding the actual skill and professional level of a candidate, than reaching out to references and previous employers. The feedback you get from these resources is invaluable. Always include references as a requirement for the job applicant.
  • Trial period: Every new hire should be on a trial period during training. It can be anywhere from 30-90 days, but you’ll be able to carefully supervise the potential hire’s work and if they will mesh well with your company’s team. By giving them a trial period, they are aware that they can be let go at any point during that time for failing to complete the job.

It takes time, effort and money to find the best talent for your company. To achieve market domination, you have to have the talent to provide the highest level of customer service that you are striving for.

If you’re a struggling HVAC, electrical or plumbing service business owner who can’t seem to find the right talent for your company, set up a free strategy call with me today to discuss ways we can improve your business (and talent pool).

Mike Agugliaro, Business Warrior