Secret Success Formula

Join me as I reveal the secret success formula (3+3+3) for your service business. Discover the secrets behind growing a $30+ million company while transforming your life while harnessing your personal power within.

Key Lessons Learned:

Service Business Success Secrets

  • Habits don’t have to take months to form, you can create new habits almost immediately with the right mindset.
  • There are three key strategies from making money, saving money, and keeping money. Many people commit to two of these but leave out the last one.
  • If you want to make money and save money, you better learn how to keep it too!
  • The problem with service business owners today is their lack of ability to focus and be present for an hour to learn something new and execute on it.
  • Many service business owners were brave when they started but they are no longer brave today. We have forgotten how strong we are.
  • What does the bigger you look like? The number one investment you can make is in yourself. Invest with someone that will tell you the hard truth.
  • There are no excuses if you are willing to take action. If you don’t take massive action you will stay where you are. Failure is predicting a future that never happened, don’t let failure hold you back. Your time on earth will end at some point no matter what, whether or not you stand still or try something new.
  • You can make more money and work less, with less headache, you just have to figure it out. Get passionate to solve your problem.
  • You need the right person, the right system, and the right process if you want to succeed. Who is your avatar and how do you get more of them? Do you have systems in place for the before, during, and after units of your business?
  • Systems equate to profitability.
  • Manage, Monetize, and Diversify.
  • Monetization is putting your money in the right place to deliver the maximum return in the shortest period of time. Everything you do has an ROI, figure it out.
  • Diversify your income streams and your opportunities. Focusing is how you make money, diversification is how you keep it.
  • A culture mindset shift from the employees to the owner is the number one game changer. It’s not about what you say, it’s more about what you show.

Inbound Leads

  • Inbound is all about WOW service is what you say, how you say it, and what it means. Your words are magic and what you say counts.
  • People are used to hearing scripted responses, talk to them as a real human being instead of a robot.
  • Say your words with passion, purpose, and power. That’s how you create magnetism that will draw people in.
  • It’s not about booking a call, it’s about starting a relationship. What would you do if the next call to your business was worth a million dollars?


  • Credibility is all about why us, what we do, how we do it.
  • Your products and services are not what you do, how you treat people and serve others is what you do.

Additional Opportunity

  • Plant the seed for the future and continuing the relationship.
  • Talk about the 1+1 model. What does your customer need right now and what should they think about. If you can turn every call into a 1+1 conversation, your business will explode.
  • Everyone loves a free gift. Coupons create cross-pollination for your other services.

Customer Service

  • Set the stage, frame the outcome, and then create the outcome.
  • Tell them where you are going to go today and how you are going to solve the problem.
  • Don’t stop creating a rapport until you create a connection with your customer.
  • Your customer should feel like you are sending a knight in shining armor to your house.
  • What you say and how you say it should be different depending on the person, a script can’t cover it.

Customer Experience Packet

  • The customer packet is information and literature that helps the customer make better decisions. It’s like the wedding gifts for your new relationship.
  • It builds rapport, reinforces the relationship and magnetizes you to the customers, and has value. No one throws value away.
  • Would you spend $5 to secure $50,000? Of course you would. Give value to your customer and you won’t be selling them on your services, the value you provide will sell you.

Follow Up

  • Check in on the delivery. This can be automated or manual.
  • Reinforce the buying decision. Let them know why they chose your service business.
  • Reframe future ongoing business. You have a relationship, reframe it for the future.


  • Once you blow them away with great service, ask the customer for a testimonial.
  • Referrals are all about who they know, what they need, and win, win, win.

Power, Theme, Leadership

  • Some people are just lacking a little bit of power. Power gives you endurance and allows you to push longer and harder than everyone else. People buy from people with power. Power attracts power.
  • What is your personal theme that you are going to live with this year? Your theme should be everywhere, when you live and breathe your mantra, your life will change. Your theme is your mission.
  • Without expansion you can’t grow your service business. You’re exactly where you are with the skill sets that you have.
  • You have to live on purpose.

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