At CEO Warrior, we’re counting down to Christmas with some amazing gifts to you. Here’s a gift for today—three days before Christmas. (Plus I have another gift for you in the PS!)

I’m going to make a guess about something and you’ll see if I’m close or not…

If you’re a service business owner then you sometimes feel busy, stressed, and overwhelmed.

… and maybe you often feel like you don’t get as much done at the office as you normally do?

… and maybe you’re looking forward to having a day or two off over Christmas because you’re going to spend time with your family (PLUS maybe catch up on some much-needed work that you haven’t been able to do at the office).

Part of the problem is: you try to get your work done but there are interruptions. You can’t ever focus for more than 30 seconds on something until someone else comes along with a question, problem, or idea.

Before you know it, the day is gone and you don’t have anything to show for it.


I’m going to share the instant cure for this. It will immediately fix the problem of distractions and interruptions and you’ll start getting A LOT more work done. However, this only works if you enforce it. The moment you let it slip, you’ll reduce its effectiveness.

Here’s the cure. I call it “the 1-3-5 strategy” and it is SO powerful.

Simply tell all your employees that whenever they want to talk to you, they have to first tell you what the level is.

Level 1 means: “I just want to chat.”

Level 3 means: “It’s important but can wait.”

Level 5 means: “This is a critical matter of safety or company survival.”

So, someone can email you or text you and the first thing they need to say is what level it is. If it’s a level 1 then there’s no need for you to respond and you can just connect with them when you are both free. If it’s a level 3 then you’ll finish what you are doing and follow up. If it’s a level 5 then you drop everything to talk to them.

This works in the office, too: if you close the door of your office, just hang a sign that says “do not disturb except for Level 5 issues”.


Implement this and see what happens. Get your leadership team to implement it as well. You’ll find that many (most!) distractions disappear because it forces people to consider the severity of the situation and only disturb you if it is critical. Everything else can wait for when you are not concentrating on the job at hand.

End result? You get your important work done and are only interrupted when it is a safety or business survival situation… and you’ll suddenly end up with WAY more time to work on the important decisions you need to work on.

Make sure you apply it everywhere—email, text, phone, and in-person interruptions. And if you are headed somewhere and someone says “can I talk to you?” just tell them, “I’m headed to a meeting so unless it’s a level 5 situation, I’ll take care of it after.”

See how simple that is? You’ll instantly get more focus and stop putting out fires, and you’ll notice that your people even start to become more self-sufficient as they begin to understand the difference between the timing and urgency of level 1, level 3, and level 5 conversations.

Use it and get back a bunch of time and sanity!


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