The 20 Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 (That Your Service Business Really Needs to Know)

Running a service business digital marketing strategy is no easy feat.

You have to keep up with the key trends to stay ahead of the game.

For every service business, digital marketing is a core part of your strategy. The internet puts you in front of so many new people. Plus, it’s where your clients will go to check you out before they hire you.

Despite this, many service businesses struggle with their digital marketing. The landscape’s constantly evolving and new trends emerge constantly.

That’s where this article will help.

We’re going to cover the key digital marketing trends of 2019. But before that, let’s look at why digital marketing is so important in the first place.

How Digital Marketing Affects Your Service Business

New technology has completely transformed how you speak to your customers. Your website serves as a more detailed business card. Your social media platforms give people the chance to interact with you directly.

Your web presence is so synonymous with your brand.

Think about it like this.

What’s the first thing that you do when somebody recommends a product to you?

You jump online to check it out, right?

That’s exactly what people do when they hear about your business. And if you’re not showing them something modern and appealing, they’re going to move on to the next business.

You have a digital footprint, whether you know it or not. The key to digital marketing for service businesses is that you take control of it.

To do that, you need to keep pace with the constant changes in online marketing.

That’s where understanding the 20 trends we’re going to cover here becomes vitally important.

Digital Marketing Trend #1 – Facebook Might Hit its Peak

It’s unbelievable to think that Facebook’s still growing despite having more than 2 billion users already.

But 2018 saw them get into a lot of trouble for various data and trust breaches. The platform may have hit its peak, especially among younger people.

Trust is such an important thing. If you’re only using Facebook in your social media, it might be time to branch out a little.

Digital Marketing Trend #2 – AI Gets Even Better

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be getting a little too good at profiling users. But that’s something that you might be able to take advantage of.

At the moment, 57% of all businesses use AI to provide better customer support. You may find that it becomes a more important tool for you from 2019 onwards.

Digital Marketing Trend #3 – Chatbots Become Bigger

Directly related to AI are chatbots. These are clever little things that you can install on your website to handle common customer questions.

They save a ton of time for your customer service team. Plus, they provide great data about your audience’s pain points.

Digital Marketing Trend #4 – Voice Search Takes Over

You’ve used Alexa. You’ve used Siri.

And so has everybody else.

Voice searches are slowly taking over from standard text searches. Media analytics company Comscore says they’ll account for 50% of all searches by 2020.

That means your website needs to answer the questions that people ask of Siri and the like.

Digital Marketing Trend #5 – Local Influencers Become More Important

An influencer is someone in your industry that people listen to. It might be a blogger or an expert on LinkedIn.

They’ve become super important on the global scale. But 2019 may see more local-level influencers having an effect on your business.

Digital Marketing Trend #6 – Smart TVs Become More Important

Smart TVs accounted for 38% of all video ad impressions in 2018. That’s more than mobile’s 30%!

Delivering online content via the viewer’s television is now an industry standard. Any online video ads you create will have to account for this.

Digital Marketing Trend #7 – Organic is all about Trust

Follow the EAT model when it comes to organic search – Expertise, Authority, Trust.

Constant keyword manipulation may not get you far in organic search engines from 2019 onwards. You need to show that you’re a trusted source of information to get good rankings.

Digital Marketing Trend #8 – Instagram Keeps Growing

The younger audience loves Instagram. The platform surpassed 1 billion users in 2018 and it’s still growing.

Do you have attractive pictures of some of your recent work? Create an Instagram profile and get sharing.

Digital Marketing Trend #9 – Omnichannel Marketing Gets Bigger

Multichannel marketing sees you using various platforms to send materials to people.

Omnichannel marketing brings those platforms together to create a seamless experience. Your website, social media, and traditional advertising all need to mesh together. That's how you deliver what customers want.

Digital Marketing Trend #10 – Live Videos Keep Growing

People love interacting with brands directly. That’s why live video on Facebook and other platforms has taken off.

You’ll see more businesses using live videos to communicate directly with customers. It’s all about putting a friendly face onto the business.

Digital Marketing Trend #11 – Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to overlay digital objects onto real things.

Service businesses can definitely make use of that. You’ve got all of this shiny new tools and technology that you’re ready to install. AR can help you show customers what it will look like in their houses.

Digital Marketing Trend #12 – It’s All About Video

We’ve covered live videos and videos on Smart TVs already.

But let’s make the point again! It’s all about video in modern digital marketing.

People watch over 500 million hours of video per day on YouTube alone. People spend about an hour a day minimum watching videos online.

You have to start producing video content for that massive audience.

Digital Marketing Trend #13 – Instagram TV Gets Bigger

Speaking of online video, Instagram has created its own rival to YouTube. Creatively dubbed Instagram TV, it allows users to create permanent videos. That means no more dealing with the platform’s 24-hour restrictions.

With Instagram getting bigger, this is a platform that you have to pay attention to.

Digital Marketing Trend #14 – Image Optimizing

More than 10% of Google’s search traffic comes from its image search function. And that number’s growing.

If you’re not optimizing your images, you need to start. Make sure that they’re crisp, load quickly, and have suitable alt tags for search engines to read.

Digital Marketing Trend #15 – Quality Written Content Will Still Matter

We’ve focused a lot on the visual side of things with these trends. But your written content still matters.

You have to keep providing information that offers value to your readers. Keep it professional and well-written so that you maintain your online image.

Digital Marketing Trend #16 – Increased Adoption of AMP

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s an initiative that Google created to help people pull their mobile page load times down to 0.5 seconds.

Why’s that important?

60% of all search traffic now comes from mobile users. And they’re not going to wait around. The faster your page loads, the fewer users bounce away before they even see your content.

Digital Marketing Trend #17 – Engagement-Based Email

Email marketing isn’t just about sending out huge blasts to thousands of people anymore.

You have to get a little smarter.

A lot of platforms help you see who’s engaging with your emails. They’re the people to focus on and nurture in 2019.

Digital Marketing Trend #18 – Podcasts Become Important

Have you checked out the CEO Warrior podcast?

The reason we use podcasts as a marketing tool is that it allows people to consume our content on the go. Say you’re driving or working out. Our podcast delivers useful information while you do other things.

Look for more digital markets to start using them in 2019.

Digital Marketing Trend #19 – More Ad Blocking

In 2016, nearly 25% of people had some form of ad blocking software on their devices. By 2018, that number went up to about 30%.

Your customers don’t want to see intrusive pop-up adverts. And they’re going out of their way to avoid them.

That leads to our final trend…

Digital Marketing Trend #20 – More Native Ads

A native ad is one that’s placed on a webpage without it getting shoved in the user's face. Head to any major newspaper’s website and you’ll see little blocks reserved for native ads.

They work a lot like buying advertising space in a magazine. They’re more natural and less intrusive. Plus, ad blockers don’t tend to do anything about them.

The Takeaway

There’s a lot of content there to absorb. Maybe now you have a good idea of how complicated the digital landscape can be if you’re not trying to keep up.

Your digital marketing strategy is just one of the many ways that you can set yourself apart. Latching onto these trends will help you to get ahead of your competitors.

It’ll also ensure your web presence doesn’t start to look old and stale.

Of course, not all of these trends will have relevance for your service business. But there are probably a few things here that you could incorporate into your current strategy.

We just have one question for you:

Has success been elusive and you feel stuck?

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