orthodontistYou run a service business so you want your customers to think of you when they need whatever kind of service you provide. If your customer has plumbing issues and you’re a plumber, you want them thinking of you first. If your customer has electrical issues and you’re an electrician, you want them thinking of you first. This makes sense, and if you’re reading this blog then you’re probably exploring ways to make this happen more often.

So it surprises some service business owners when they learn that I want my customers calling me up to ask for the name of a good dentist. No, my business is not adding a new dental tradeline and I don’t suggest you add that either!

Yes, it probably sounds crazy but here’s the thinking behind this claim: Of course I want my customers to think of me when they need the services I provide. But more than that, I want customers to trust me and my business so much that they want my opinion on other aspects of their life. Whether it’s a dentist, a nice place to take their spouse for dinner, a recommendation of what to buy for a new car… it doesn’t matter. In my opinion, if a customer likes you, they’ll call you for the service you provide; if a customer LOVES you, they’ll call you for your opinions on other things.

Of course I don’t advertise that I will answer any question they might have about anything. That’s not why I’m in business. Rather, it’s a “secret” measure of how much my customers trust and respect my business to call us up and ask these non-industry-specific questions.

My intention for each of my customers, then, is to build so much trust that they think of calling me whenever they’re unsure about ANYTHING!

This trust is built in so many different ways:

  • Through your branding – be consistent, be professional, be bold, make and keep promises
  • Through your marketing – use credibility-builders, market deep then wide, offer advice, share knowledge
  • Through your service – be on time, be helpful, be courteous, be proactive, add value

(For more ways that you can serve your customers at a higher level, check out my book The Secrets Of Business Mastery). In absolutely everything you do, you have an opportunity to build trust. Layer trust-building into all of your interactions and communication and services – and always follow through no matter what – and then you’ll build a foundation of deep trust.

When that happens, your customers will of course call you and only you for the services you provide. (And be prepared because they might even call you to ask for a good dental recommendation!)