HVACR Business Magazine snip

My latest article, published May 1, 2016 in HVACR Business Magazine.


Things seemed simpler when it was just you, driving in your truck to a customer's house to work on their HVAC unit. You could figure out the problem, apply your tools to fix it and move on. Today, the problems you face are dramatically more complex & you try to grow your business but it seems to require some secret code to decipher the “black magic” of business growth.

Sometimes you invest in a business decision and it's a homerun. Other times, it's a painful strikeout. Chances are, many of the bigger decisions you make probably feel more like a gamble than a clear strategy for growth.

If you want to grow your business, but are reluctant to throw good money after bad, then here's one of the most important tools you can put into your marketing toolbox.

The Situation Analysis

The Situation Analysis is a tool to help you make better business decisions for strategy, branding, marketing, hiring and many other aspects of your business. It might seem like it was invented by an Ivy League MBA in an academic ivory tower, and perhaps even the term “business strategy” increases your blood pressure & you'd much rather have your hands dirty in the inner-workings of an HVAC unit than to navigate these complicated theoretical tools.

Here's the good news: the Situation Analysis in business strategy is not actually that different than the work you did at a customer's house just a few years earlier.