CEO Warrior runs a diverse team of experts, both in-house and around the globe. Meet some of the team below, including our founders, our leadership team, and some of our key team members.

Meet The Founders

Mike Agugliaro, Co-Founder – Along with his business partner, Mike grew a small, struggling electrical company into a multi-million dollar home services empire, which was then acquired by a large private equity company. Today, Mike leads CEO Warrior as an inspirational leader and co-founder, sharing his $32+ Million Dollar Service Business Blueprint to help service business owners achieve massive wealth, freedom, and market domination. Mike has been featured in MSNBC, Financial Times, Moneyshow, Success Magazine, and more. He is a popular author with more than a 17 books written; he’s a sought-after speaker who has spoken at ProfitCon, Samsung, The WWETT Show, Mitsubishi, AeroSeal, and more; and, he’s shared the stage with Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Mike Michalowicz, Brian Kurtz, and many others.

Rob Zadotti, Co-Founder – Over twenty years ago, Rob Zadotti was working out of one van in his struggling electrical company, with only determination and a vision of success. Together with Mike Agugliaro, the two grew their service company from its humble beginnings into a service business empire. After their service business was acquired by a large private equity company, he and Mike went all-in on serving the industry through CEO Warrior. The financial and incentive tools developed by Rob helped build his service business to over $32 Million a year and now continue to help CEO Warrior clients generate more money every year.

Michael Disney, COO and Co-Owner – Michael Disney joined Mike and Rob’s service company as a Lead Generator, and he quickly proved his skill at growing the business. Michael accelerated through the company to Director of Sales, where he managed outside sales teams, the outbound department, and relationships with national retail chains. Michael played a part in every function at the service company and had a key role in the sales successes, including their highest recorded sales month ever at $3.5 Million. After Mike and Rob exited their service company to focus exclusively on serving business owners at CEO Warrior, Michael joined them as the Director of CEO Warrior. Today, Michael leads the large and growing CEO Warrior team as the COO and a Co-Owner.

Meet Some Of Our Other Key Team Members

Caroline Moriarty, Director of Sales and Community Relations  – Caroline has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from Saint John’s University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She worked as a Client Development Manager at a financial firm located in Lower Manhattan before relocating to New Jersey. Caroline worked with Mike and Rob for several years at their previous service company before joining them at CEO Warrior. During her time at CEO Warrior, she quickly ascended in her role from Office Manager to Director of Sales and Community Relations. In her role, she oversees a sales team, ensures that clients receive the care and attention they need, and leads the vendor and sponsor programs so that clients enjoy the exclusive benefits that come with CEO Warrior membership.

Anthony Natoli, Master Advisor –  Anthony Natoli brings over 40 years of business experience in the trades, from starting with his dad as a teen to hitting the books and learning other trades to expand the business. He took over his dad’s business when his father suddenly passed and guided the company from 3 trucks to 10 and within 5 years grew the company gradually from under $1 million to over $3 million. 20 years later he sold the family business to another family member and went to work for Roto-Rooter growing sales from $2.8 million to $9 million. When he left Roto-Rooter, he joined the ranks at Gold Medal Service where he met Mike Agugliaro and Rob Zadotti. After helping to assess and improve systems in a number of departments at Gold Medal, he left to go help Horizon Services in Pennsylvania improve their conversion rates from 18% to 49% on outdated units. Anthony returned once again to Gold Medal Services, but this time as Director of Specialty Services for Underground, Waterproofing, and 1 day bath retrofits. Anthony brings much more than his practical experience to the table, having worked for other big budget companies, managing hundreds of employees, turning millions in losses into millions in profits with his can-do attitude and commitment to service and excellence.

Blaine Oelkers, Chief Results Officer(R) – Blaine is a results-focused entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business ownership experience. It all started when he read Napoleon Hill’s book Think And Grow Rich in college, and that book helped set the course for his life. Blaine’s varied career started in tech, then he became a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza, and he has since owned and operated a consulting firm, four health and wellness businesses, and a personal development company. He’s also the founder of two social enterprises. Blaine has coached thousands of business owners and has written or co-written 3 books. All this experience equips Blaine to help business owners get results, which is why he’s called “America’s Chief Results Officer(R)”. Blaine’s mission with CEO Warrior is to help our clients move the needle to get more results in their businesses, help them tap into the power of the Warrior Community, and help them increase control over their business and life. Born and raised in NJ, Blaine now lives in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife, Beth.

Nelson Wong, Marketing Deployment Manager – Nelson has worked with a myriad of laser-focused video campaigns and high-profile talent in the past, and then joined CEO Warrior as the video director and producer. In that role, he brought the power of cinematic storytelling to CEO Warrior's video media. Nelson's role expanded in the company as he became the organization's photographer and event atmosphere director. Today, Nelson serves as the Marketing Deployment Manager, where he leverages the company's large volume of content and deploys it across multiple channels to communicate CEO Warrior's message to the world.

Gregg Schonhorn, Senior Growth Advisor – Gregg brings over two decades of professional experience to CEO Warrior. He's a leader and mentor who brings cross-industry insight to the world of home service businesses, serving owners at the highest level. Gregg received his coaching certification from Columbia University; he also holds a B.A. in Business from the University of Arizona. Gregg's target in life is to make a positive difference in the lives of other people, and it starts with his own daily focus on discipline, determination, energy, and personal growth. When he's not serving CEO Warrior clients, he enjoys running, reading, and spending time with his son and two dogs.

Katherine Hoos, Community Manager – Katherine is an unapologetic extrovert and problem solver. She has spent many years facilitating connections between people. With 15+ years experience managing people in a customer based environment she excels at dialing in to a client's needs and finding solutions to meet those needs. She has a degree in Cognitive Science from Carleton University in Ottawa Canada. This field combines Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Neuroscience and Computer Science in a unique way to explore how the mind works. As Community Manager at CEO Warrior she connects with the community to check in and ensure that everyone is as involved and connected as they would like to be. Acting as a Client Concierge, she is an expert at finding the resources our clients need.

Doreen Brennan, Community Relations Coordinator – Doreen has over 25 years of Administrative experience. She graduated from Business Administration and Accounting at Gibbs College and went on to work for such organizations as the New Jersey Natural Gas Company, where she served as Executive Secretary, and Trinity Solar, where she served as Account Specialist. Doreen is always up for a challenge! As CEO Warrior's Community Relations Coordinator, she's looking forward to serving CEO Warrior clients so they get the most out of their training and implementation experience.

Lyndsay Phillips, Marketing Administrator – Lyndsay joined Mike and Rob in the early days, first as a virtual assistant and project manager. Today, Lyndsay works to keep all the back-office marketing and communication software connected together and operating effectively—from the email system to the team communication to the landing page software and more. Lyndsay makes sure that the CEO warrior message gets out to the right people at the right time.