Mike Agugliaro, Business Warrior


Mike Agugliaro has been taking action since becoming a martial arts aficionado in his teens, learning and fine-tuning the discipline and mental focus he needed to excel in a very mentally and physically challenging sport. Today, he continues to perfect his skills while teaching karate, weaponry, jujitsu, and meditation, coaching people to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. This training has helped him remain disciplined in his life as well as in his business ventures.

For more than two decades, as the former co-owner of New Jersey’s largest and respected home services company, Mike played a key role in building its success. For example, in just 10 years, Mike’s business-growing acumen took the company from a business making less than $1 million a year, to making $32 million a year.

Through his varied experiences, he’s been successful mentoring and creating profitable business models and actionable processes for other businesses, both small and large. His goal is to dig deep and find a company’s sweet spot – through his management, operations, sales, marketing, goal-setting, communication, and personal coaching skills.

He can teach you how to market your business to obtain substantial results, how to take the lead, build a great team and how to stay motivated and focused. Mike has been mentoring and creating business success stories for others for years, and now with CEO Warrior, Mike has been creating business success stories for himself and others for many years; and now with CEO Warrior, Mike can guide your business to the next level and beyond.

Rob Zadotti


Twenty years ago, Rob Zadotti was working out of one van with only determination and a vision of success. Together with Mike Agugliaro, the two grew their service business from its humble beginnings into a multi-million dollar business. The financial and incentive tools developed by Rob helped build the business to 32 million dollars a year. Today, Rob continues his partnership with Mike and his dedication to the industry through CEO Warrior.

Michael Disney


Michael worked in Retail Management and was a successful business owner in Central Jersey for years before joining Mike and Rob at Gold Medal Service. Michael was hired to oversee the Retail division of Gold Medal Service. After incredible growth to this department, Michael moved through the company to become the Director of Sales. Some of his responsibilities included overseeing the Outbound Sales department, all the salesman at Gold Medal Service in the various categories from HVAC, Bath Remodel, Waterproofing and Underground divisions as well as managing the Installs teams that supported these sales divisions. Michael played a part in every aspect of Gold Medal Service and help build an amazing culture of people that served Gold Medal Service customers at the highest level. Michael was a key part of the team that built a $30 million-dollar service company. When Mike and Rob exited Gold Medal Service to focus exclusively on service business owners at CEO Warrior, Michael followed to be a Director at CEO Warrior and today uses his expertise and work experience to serve our business owners.

Lyndsay Phillips


Having worked in the administrative world for many years AND having owned multiple businesses, she knows first hand the need for organization, project management, and marketing. Lyndsay is a project ninja and warrior VA for life & business coaches, accountants, and other online entrepreneurs across North America. Through her business, she supports emerging entrepreneurs who are seeking fast paced business growth but have finally come to the realization that they can’t do it alone, do it all and do it well. She loves working with Mike and supporting CEO Warrior in all areas of marketing and administration and supporting Mike's Warriors in their journey and growth.

Caroline Moriarty


Caroline has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from Saint John’s University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She worked as a Client Development Manager at a financial firm located in Lower Manhattan before relocating to New Jersey.

As the Operations Manager of CEO Warrior, Caroline works directly with Mike Agugliaro and Rob Zadotti in the daily operation of the company. She is the direct liaison for all Warrior Circle members and event attendees, providing them with information and addressing any concerns. In addition to project development and event planning, Caroline heads up the CEO Warrior Certified Vendor Program. Through research, she identifies the top service companies in the industry and negotiates the best deals for all members.

In her spare time, Caroline enjoys traveling, sports and spending time with her husband Philip and their four children.

Nelson Wong


Nelson is the video director and producer at CEO Warrior and is responsible for filming and producing all video marketing content across digital platforms. He has worked with a myriad of laser-focused video campaigns and high profile talent in the past, and now brings the power of cinematic storytelling to the forefront of the business coaching world. Nelson works closely with Mike Agugliaro to create world-class content for Warriors and prospective Warriors.

During events, Nelson captures on digital film the roller coaster of emotions and breakthroughs provided by the CEO Warrior experience.

Li Hayes


Li is a professional Speaker Liaison who facilitates the business communications and contracts between top quality business speakers and great events.  Prior to founding GoLeeward, the un-agency for business speakers, she spent over 15 years in Human Resources on the other side of the speaker industry – planning conferences and business meetings first in the service and hospitality industries and then in Big Dia/Pharma.  Li planned national conferences, as well leadership retreats, and employee training events utilizing professional speakers, consultants and agencies. She has worked with speaker bureaus as well directly with speakers and learned the ins and outs of hiring speakers, from the client’s point of view.

She’s proudly supports Mike Agugliaro, because an event that headlines Mike will be a smokin’ success every time.

Contact Li if you wish to have Mike speaking at your next event:
Direct: 1-203-314-2441
Email: coming soon

Denise Swafford


A recognized expert in the in home services industry, Denise Swafford began her career in the trenches of the Call Center, answering the phone for her father’s HVAC business. Eventually becoming an owner in that business and took the helm as the General Manager. Through her leadership and guidance, this business was eventually sold in one of the first rounds of consolidation of the Home Services Industry.

During her career, Denise has worked with over a thousand business owners improve their call center operations. Denise understands the importance of Call Center & Dispatch operations in any successful organization. Through her years of working with call center operations, she has mastered inbound and outbound process and procedures, as well as the intricacies of dispatching for profits. She was instrumental in putting together two national call center operations as well as taught thousands of CSRs across North America the techniques and skills required to be a successful CSR.

She has also has served as a Regional Sales Manager for one of the largest home services companies in North America, where she was responsible for over $55 million dollars in revenue. During this time, she was involved in every aspect of the sales process, from marketing, booking the lead, running the lead, to the step-by-step processes of installation.

She has also served as Vice President of Franchise Operations for one of the nation’s largest HVAC, plumbing, and electrical brands. Where she oversaw the day to day operations of coaching, training, and new product development. It was during this time, Denise really honed her skills at brand development, scalability, and growth.

She has been a business coach and mentor for over thousands of business owners guiding them through call center, dispatch, operational, sales, and financial business decisions on a daily basis. Her groundbreaking thought process has also lead to the development of cutting edge products and services that are used by contractors all across the nation.

Larry Swafford


Larry Swafford began his career in the USAF where he served the USA and cultivated his leadership skills. After leaving the Air Force, he found himself working in his father-in-law’s HVAC business. For more than three decades Larry was a service expert in the in-home service industry. Larry has held every position from service technician, installer, salesperson/manager, operations and general manager. He has owned and operated several businesses throughout his career and worked at very high levels of publicly traded and privately owned corporations. He most recently was a VP of Operations for a $30 million HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical business. Larry specializes in developing systems, process and procedures to improve growth and profits. His areas of expertise include culture building, business turnarounds, acquisitions, financial KPIs and metrics.

Blaine Oelkers


Blaine is a results-focused entrepreneur with more than 25 years of business ownership experience. It all started when he read Napoleon Hill’s book Think And Grow Rich in college, and that book helped set the course for his life.

Blaine’s varied career started in tech, then he became a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza, and he has since owned and operated a consulting firm, four health and wellness businesses, and a personal development company. He’s also the founder of two social enterprises. Blaine has coached thousands of business owners and has written or co-written 3 books.

All this experience equips Blaine to help business owners get results, which is why he’s called “America’s Chief Results Officer®”. Blaine’s mission with CEO Warrior is to help our clients move the needle to get more results in their businesses, help them tap into the power of the Warrior Community, and help them increase control over their business and life.

Born and raised in NJ, Blaine now lives in Scottsdale Arizona with his wife, Beth.

Dina DiBattista


Dina has worked in the construction and home service industry for over 10 years. Her customer service experience and Certifications as both an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Reiki Practitioner have taught her how to serve clients at the highest level.

Since joining the CEO Warrior Team in July 2018, Dina has worked hand-in-hand with the Operations Manager. She is responsible for all event logistics and to ensure that CEO Warrior clients have the greatest experience possible.