Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja, brings to you a Business Breakthrough on setting an agenda.

Use an agenda to benefit your business to improve things in your life!

Businesses have meetings all the time and don't lay out exactly how the meeting is going to proceed.

For example, before you start your meeting let the attendees know:

1) Here is how long we are going to be here.

2) This is what we are going to cover.

3) Here are our goals for today.

4) This is what we are going to start doing, stop doing and keep doing.

It is really important for any meeting to have something the attendees can fill out so at the end of the meeting, you can make decisions.

Also, make sure before you set an agenda that you ask others if they have an agenda item for the meeting. This will help avoid distraction in your meeting! By asking, you can figure out if it is something you want to tackle in the meeting or save for later.

Not only should you set a clear agenda with your team, but also make sure there are no hidden agendas!