In this week’s Business Breakthrough, we’re going to talk about your company culture.

Culture can be figured out a couple ways. It can either be built by design…or by default.

Most business owners experience culture by default.

You try to do all the right things: putting things on the wall, buy them lunch, spin the wheel, and you think they’re just going to be incredible.

But you’re just letting it happen. So how do you build a culture by design?

You map it out.

Just grab yourself a big poster board and start writing down exactly what you want the culture to be.

How should it feel? How should it sound? When you’re listening to people have a conversation around the corner what do you want that conversation to be?

Here’s a couple action steps today for today’s culture challenge:

1.       Design it. Map it out exactly how you see it.

2.       Survey your employees. Ask them the questions about the culture that are based off of what you mapped out.

The distance between the culture identity that you want and the survey analysis is called the gap. Once you understand the gap, you can close it.

Build a plan to fix the things one by one.

Even if you have one employee or 128, you’ll have someone step up.

Get your company to a better day.

Mike Agugliaro, “Business Ninja”