Now what is WOW service?

I’m always blown away by hypocrites out there today. Always complaining about the level of service at the gas station, the restaurant, at all these places.

In service today, it’s really amazing that WOW level of service is pretty extreme. While you’re on the video with me, just think to yourself when was the last time you were blown away by WOW service? Now shouldn’t you say “Yeah, when I called here. When I visited there.” But that’s not the reality.

Now the good thing about that is you delivering amazing service really stands out.

So today’s challenge is for you to take a look at the customer experience model. The experience model is what happens from your marketing, to the very first connection, to the phone call, to the first delivery of the service, to the after.

There’s a guy out there named Dean Jackson. Dean Jackson is a marketing guru and a very smart guy. He talks about a couple levels of things to think about, and it fits a law. It’s before, during, and after.

Use those three buckets, and ask yourself:

  1. What are all the steps I need to do beforehand to make sure we are going to head to WOW service?
  2. What do we need during? The level of service, the level of communication, the level of delivery. What are all those during things?
  3. Then after. What needs to happen?

Normally, what I see in businesses that I help today is that they are very good at the middle, the delivery. But they are pretty bad at the before, and they are definitely horrible at the after.

So today’s challenge is to ask yourself how you can get your company from good service to WOW service, like over the top.

Use that model of before, during, and after to bucket those pieces out so you can take your company to the very next level.

It’s an X-factor. Delivering the highest level of service, not just once or twice, but on a whole new scale. That’s what we call an X-factor. It’s a game changer.

Mike Agugliaro, Business Ninja