Communicate With Power

We all communicate to be understood. But true understanding and connection are rare. Although many people communicate, only few communicate with power.

Mastering communication transforms your speaking and listening into powerful tools that will help you connect with everyone around and will elevate your personal and professional relationships. In How To Scale Your Business With More Effective Communication, you’ll discover 18 laser-focused tactics that will help you truly understand those you’re communicating with, instantly build rapport and trust, and even “read people’s minds” to know what they’re really thinking.

We all communicate. We can all learn to communicate more effectively. When you do, you’ll see instant results in every personal and professional relationship.

Whether you’re new to the service industry or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll enjoy better connections with employees, customers, and vendors (as well as better personal relationships too) when you learn some of the following tactics in the book:

  • How to know what people are really thinking (regardless of what they say)
  • A way that you can immediately diffuse any conflict before it becomes a problem
  • How to connect with people effortlessly
  • What hidden signals to watch for to make people instantly trust you
  • Simple ways to transform your questions (you’ll be amazed at the answers you’ll get!)
  • How to navigate the sometimes complicated world of giving and receiving feedback


“True communication comes from a mindset of trust and service. True communication can fast-track your relationships and your success.”


Book Reviews

You're are true badass!

Great book, love it. I’m currently about to start #9 how to make small talk with people. So far, with where I’m at in the book, my favorite part has been #7 understanding eye movement and what it means communication wise. However it is far from being the most important information I have received from you. A few days ago on a F.B. Live video you spoke on fear and how it holds you back. What you said in that video really resonated with me heavily. Victor~ Velocity / Victim ~ Vicious. This concept hit me hard right in the brain, man. I drew out the diagram. I keep a couple copies around for reference but it is directly in my head! You also spoke of immediate and permanent change in regard to this concept. I believe this is what I’m experiencing now as I apply this daily to my view point. It is really helping me compartmentalize anger/fear/confusion/anxiety and all the emotions that come along with running a business, put them in their proper places mentally, and smash through any obstacle before me victoriously! So I realize this is a bit out of bounds from the feed back about the book but i just wanted to say thanks for that. I truly appreciate what you’re doing out here. You’re a true badass!

Five Stars

Great information and skillsets that will be helpful as I grow my business. A must read for all. -Thaddeus S Puzio