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Your Results Are Not Your Fault

What’s preventing you from achieving service business success? Your mind has a lot to do with it and may influence you in ways you don’t realize.

Let’s face it. You’re not getting the results you want from your service business right now. 

And that creates a problem for you. 

Not only are you not achieving growth but you’re also starting to blame yourself. You begin telling yourself that the only person to blame for your bad results is staring back at you in the mirror every morning.

What if I told you that your results are not your fault? 

But don’t get me wrong here. There are definitely times where your poor results stem from you not doing or not implementing what you should.

However, there’s often something else at play here. And this little something is a subversive thing that you don’t even know has such a deep effect on you.

Your Subconscious Mind May be at Play

Have you ever seen a parent feeding a kid?

But have you ever really watched what they do?

They place food on the spoon and make a game out of it. They talk to the kid and say stuff like “Here comes the train,” or “Here comes the airplane.” 

They’re not just shoveling the food right into the kid’s mouth, right?

So when that kid grows up, they’re going to love the idea of eating food.


Because since they were young, their parents made the whole idea of eating super fun for them. 

And you do the same thing. Very few of us see eating as merely a functional thing that we’ve got to do to stay alive. It’s also something to have fun and experiment with, right?

That’s your subconscious mind at play. Without you even knowing it, your mind associates food with fun because of all of the messages you got about food as a kid.

Think about how that applies to all of the other areas of your life.

If your experiences as a kid influence how you treat food, how might these experiences influence how you treat money? Or success?

Your subconscious mind is a really powerful influencer when it comes to what you’re doing in your service business. 

If your conscious mind is where you do your active thinking, your subconscious mind is like your database. It’s where you’re storing all the data you pull from when you’re making decisions. And it’s constantly chugging away in the background and influencing what you’re doing.

Without going all woo-woo on you, I believe that your subconscious mind is at play when it comes to your results. The experiences stored in that big, old database may just be holding you back from achieving what you should achieve.

The good news is, you can confront this problem. 

And, I’m going to share three techniques for that which you can start using today:

Technique #1 – Identify the Negative Frames That Influence Your Actions

Before you can take any action on this subconscious stuff, you’ve got to figure out where you need to take action.

That’s why you’ve got to think about the types of messages you received when you were younger. These are the frames that contain your conscious ideas.

The food one I showed you earlier is a positive frame. It associates food with fun, which probably makes you want to explore and experiment.

But think about this…

How often did you hear your parents say something like, “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Or that running a business is hard, or that it’s difficult to hire people?

These are all negative frames that get stuck in your subconscious. You just absorb this stuff when you’re younger and you don’t realize the impact it’ll have as you get older.

So, your first job is to identify the negative frames that you have in your life right now. Think about your fears and trace them back to see where these frames come from.

Technique #2 – Make a Conscious Decision to Change

My wife and I did the whole negative frames thing together. And we identified a bunch of stuff that held me back at various points in my career.

However, knowing about this stuff isn’t enough. Just saying, “Ah, I can see why this experience leads to me thinking negatively about money” isn’t enough.

You’ve got to make a conscious decision to change.

By identifying the negative frames in your life, you’ve just highlighted some bad data in your database. You’ve brought something from your subconscious into your conscious mind. Now that it’s there, you’ve got to take action that changes things. You’ve got to consciously do things differently.

Technique #3 – Find the Right People to Help You

You are not alone in trying to create changes in your service business.

There are plenty of people out there who can help you. Still, there are also a ton of people out there who think they can do so, but they really can’t.

These people play voodoo with your head and end up screwing you up even more. They will even reinforce the negative frames that you already have, which makes it harder to get rid of.

If you’re looking for people to work with, you’ve got to do your research.

You’ve got to find somebody who has the track record and the results. 

Reprogram Your Database

When I say that your results aren’t your fault, what I mean is that it’s your experiences that are often to blame.

All of the stuff that’s stored in your subconscious – your internal database – has a huge impact on your success. Annd as a service business owner, you need to identify the negative frames that influence your results.

From there, you have to take conscious action to change those frames. And of course, you need to find help from the right places, such as CEO Warrior.

And that leads me to an important question…

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