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Why I Wrote The Secrets Of Business Mastery

When I first started out as an electrician, I didn’t have a lot of teachers. I saw that many others in the service business industry were working hard – sometimes 18 hour days – and I assumed that’s what the business was. (Sure there were big, successful companies but I was a small operation so it seemed like I was in a different category).

Those long days were a recipe for burnout. I can’t tell you how many times I left the house early before anyone else got out of bed and how many times I pulled in late, turning off the van lights before I pulled into the driveway so I wouldn’t wake my family. I can’t tell you how many times I ate reheated leftovers over the kitchen sink. Or fell asleep watching TV as I tried to unwind for a few minutes before bed. I can’t tell you how many times I woke up thinking, “Another day of this” and wishing I could hit the snooze button on life.

Then my business partner and I had what can be described as “a watershed moment” when we decided that the business couldn’t continue the way it was: we either had to shut the business down, or, step up and grow the business.

I’m glad we chose the latter option. We rolled up our sleeves and studied the best businesses in many different industries. We created a powerful blueprint that we implemented into the business. Today, our business has over 100 trucks on the road and serves tens of thousands of customers, and it grew because of a blueprint I put together. This same blueprint is responsible for generating $23 million (and growing) in revenue for the business.

I hear from other service business owners all the time who see how my business has grown and want to implement some of the same strategies. And although I share these strategies in a hands-on way at my Fast Track Academy events, I wanted to make the blueprint accessible to as many service business owners as possible; I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned with any other service business owner who is tired of the early mornings and late nights and reheated dinners and that sinking feeling when the alarm goes off.

So I sat down and put my brain on paper, writing out the 12 areas that every service business owner needs to master if they want to grow their business. I held nothing back, sharing everything that I thought would enable a service business owner to read the book and take immediate, effective action.

I did it because I want to help transform the industry from an “army” of overworked, exhausted business owners to an empowered, energized group of warriors who understand the importance of what they do and who reap a fortune for the service they provide.

That is why I wrote The Secrets of Business Mastery. It’s a 294 page book that is jam-packed with actionable ideas and strategies that you can implement into your business immediately. And if you want a taste of what the book is like, you can go to to claim your free copy of one of the chapters in the book.

These exact strategies transformed my business – and my life and financial future and the time I have available to do the things I enjoy; I believe you’ll discover the same reward as well when you read the book.

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